Emergency Response Unit (ERU)

Special Team

The ERU is a team of officers specifically trained with special equipment and tactics to deal with high risk situations. Situations include the execution of high risk arrest or search warrants, dealing with barricaded suspects, hostage rescue situations, and any event of a major disturbance.


The Emergency Response Unit trains on a monthly basis which includes competency with firearms, chemical munitions, sniper training and scenario based training for critical incidents. In addition to monthly training the Emergency Response Unit conducts yearly training with several other law enforcement agencies at Camp Ripley as a part of the Minnesota Tactical Officers Association.

A photo of the MRAP from a training exercise at Camp Ripley

Preserving Life Through Negotiation

The safety and preservation of life is the primary objective for the Emergency Response Unit when conducting operations and resolving critical incidents. The Emergency Response Unit has officers trained as negotiators to aid in the peaceful resolution of critical incidents.