Permit Requirements

Addition, Alteration or Accessory Permits Including Pools

  • Building Permit Application 
  • Two sets of Building plans
  • Site plan showing setbacks and location of existing buildings, septic system and well
  • Septic System Compliance Certificate if the septic system is more than 10 years old
  • When Sherburne County cannot verify that the setback is met, a survey by a licensed surveyor may be required at the applicant's expense
  • For Pools also see Definitions and Regulations 


Land Use Permits for Becker Township

Land Use Permits for Signs

Roofing, Siding, Garage Door, Gas Mechanical, Fireplace & Windows Permits

New Home Permits

  • Residential Building Permit Application 
  • Two sets of Building Plans
  • House staking certificate by a registered land surveyor
  • Septic System design including setbacks to all property lines
  • One soil boring taken at house site - low floor to be minimum 1 foot above mottling
  • Energy code compliance certificate
  • Road access permit if driveway entrance is onto a County Road or in Baldwin, Blue Hill, Clear Lake, Livonia or Santiago Township

Septic Permits

Demolition / Razing Permits