Community Health Survey Results

The Community Health Survey data is one set of data used in the Community Health Assessment. We are excited to share the data with the community using an interactive format using the Tableau platform. This survey project was possible because of a multi-county, multi-health system, and community effort.


  • Explore 2016 Community Health Survey Data
    • The Tableau platform will open in a new window and you can explore the data by choosing a question or by filtering categories by clicking within the tables.
    • If you have difficulty viewing the entire page, please try clicking the Full Screen button in the bottom right of the page. This is best viewed on a desktop computer or a larger tablet screen, it is not mobile friendly.

Documents that may be helpful in your review of this data include:

Additional Information

If you have questions, or would like more information, please contact CHS Administrator Nicole Ruhoff by phone at 763-765-4000 or by email Nicole Ruhoff.