Corrections (Jail)

Mission Statement

"Commitment to Service with Integrity and Pride."

Space & Offices

The Sherburne County Jail is a major regional facility with 732 beds. Included in the inmate population are inmates under the control of Sherburne County, Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Federal U.S. Marshal, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and other agencies. By housing more than 500 federal detainees/inmates on average per day, the jail generates revenue for the county.

Visiting Hours

Inmates will visit with friends and family from a video visitation terminal in their housing unit. Friends and family will visit from a similar visitation terminal in the public visitation room located in the administration lobby of the Sheriff’s office. These visits are referred to as on-site or public visitations. The new system will allow visitors to still come to the jail for visitation and it will now also allow friends and family to conduct a remote or at-home visit from home using a smartphone / tablet or a computer with webcam and high speed internet connection.

All video visits are by appointment only and must by scheduled 24 hours in advance by registering online at