Civil Division


Our duties to the county include:

  • Representing the County in any action the County is named
  • Providing legal advice to the County board and its representatives
  • Attending County meetings at the request of the County representatives.

Some other areas that we are involved in:

  • Children in need of protection
  • Child support
  • Election questions
  • Property tax appeals
  • Solid waste issues
  • Zoning issues

Legal Assistance

As the County Attorney's Office is legally proscribed from providing legal advice to our citizens, you may wish to contact:

  • Legal Aid Phone: 800-622-7773
  • Minnesota Courts (statewide) Self Help Center Phone: 651-259-3888
  • Minnesota State Bar Association Attorney Referral Phone: 800-292-4152
  • Tenth Judicial District Self Help Center Phone: 763-760-6699