Princeton is approximately 50 miles north of the Twin Cities on Highway 169, and 28 miles east of St. Cloud on Highway 95, located on the beautiful Rum River. It is part of the fastest growing area of Minnesota.

Princeton's modern industrial park has a looped water system, paved roads, fire and police protection within minutes, and a well developed airport with runways in excess of 4,000 feet. Princeton's downtown business district and two shopping malls offer prime retail exposure and a quaint shopping experience. The community trade area of 10 miles has 18,000 shoppers in 6,200 households with an average family income of $33,000. The construction of a new wastewater treatment plant will finish in 2012. The city also contains a new retail development area with great access to Highways 169 and 95. Princeton is home to the Princeton Area Visionary Committee (PAVC) and Rum River Recreational Resources Board (4R Board), volunteer organizations dedicated to making the greater Princeton area a great place to live, visit, shop and work in.

For more information, contact City Administrator Michele McPherson or call (763) 389-2040.

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  • City Population: 5,311