Thinking for a Change

The philosophy of the program endorses that offenders should be empowered to be responsible for changing their own problem behavior. The curriculum helps participants systematically build skills to recognize their own and others' thinking patterns, recognize the risks associated with those thoughts and how to make better choices.

Program Objectives

  • Cognitive Self-Change: Paying attention to the thoughts and feelings that go on inside of us to avoid the kinds of thoughts and feelings that lead us to trouble.
  • Social Skills: Behaviors or abilities we use in situations that involve other people.
  • Problem Solving Skills: Skills to help us make better choices.

Program Cost & Registration

  • There will be a program fee of $450 due prior to attending the class.
  • Registration options for this program:
    • In person at Sherburne County Community Corrections
    • By phone: 763-765-4550

Thinking for a Change Schedule

Program Location

Sherburne County Government Center
13880 Business Center Drive NW
Suite 100
Elk River, MN 55330 to 4668