Blue Star Banner Program

History of the Banner

The Blue Star Service banner program was a common site in America's neighborhoods during World Wars I and II. Created in 1917, people hung it in their windows to denote that a member of the family was serving in the armed forces. Leaders of the nation's largest wartime veteran's organization today believe the program can play a vital role in America's war on terrorism.

Message from the Chairman

"We know that in today's society people sometimes do not know their neighbors a few doors down the street. We believe display of the Blue Star Service Banner by families of service members will reveal to everyone just how close to home this battle against terrorism hits," Robert Morrill, the Legion's National Public Relations Commission Chairman, said. "The goal is to honor and recognize our men and women in uniform and demonstrate to all Americans how many families have a personal stake in this battle."

A blue star on a red and white banner

Sherburne Banners

The Sherburne County Veterans Service Office has purchased a limited quantity of the Blue Star Service Banners for Sherburne County residents who have members of their families currently serving in the military.


At this time we will give a banner to a spouse, or parent of an unmarried service person, who is currently listed as being on active duty in the military, as well as a business requesting the banner having an employee currently serving on active duty. This includes those Guard and Reserve Personnel activated following the September 11, 2001 tragedy. It does not include individuals who are in the Guard or Reserve that are on "active duty for training." Requesting persons or business' must currently reside in Sherburne County.

Obtaining a Banner

If you think you are eligible, call the Sherburne County Veterans Service Office at 763-765-3100 or 800-433-5243. Walk-in assistance is available at our office located at the Sherburne County Government Center.