Tax Forfeited Parcels

Tax forfeited parcels are properties on which delinquent property taxes were not paid, title to the land and buildings was forfeited and title is now vested in the State of Minnesota. Following a review period per Minnesota statutes, these properties are classified and open to the public to purchase.

Parcels that are not considered to be conservation land, and approved to be for sale by the municipality and the Department of Natural Resources are put up for public auction, which is held at the Sherburne County Auditor / Treasurer's Office.

Sales are not held on a regular basis. 

Watch this webpage for notice of the next sale date or fill out this form below to be notified of the next sale.

Forfeited Land Sale Notification Form

All property is sold as is and may not conform to local building and zoning ordinances. The County makes no warranty that the land is "buildable." All sales are final, and no refunds or exchanges are permitted.

We highly recommend that you thoroughly research any tax-forfeited parcels before you purchase. For parcels in townships, please contact the Sherburne County Zoning Department. For parcels in a city, please contact the appropriate city Zoning department.

Forfeited Property and Terms: