Property Tax Information


Sherburne County Auditor/Treasurer Diane Arnold would like to remind taxpayers that the second half of their Real Estate taxes for 2021are due on or before October 15th. Postmarks are due on or before the 15th, but a Penalty will be assessed after that date.  Please note that most Post Offices now use a servicing center so mail is not being postmarked until two to three days after pick up so please plan accordingly as by Statute we must go by the postmark for penalty.

There is an after-hours drop-box by the MAIN entrance (door A on your right).

Questions?  Call (763)765-4350 or 1-800-438-0575                                                                                    

 Please see our web site for more payment options.  on main page> Payment Center> Property Tax Payment 

There is an after-hours drop-box by the MAIN entrance (door A) on the right. Questions?

Call (763)765-4350 or 1-800-438-0575

The Auditor / Treasurer Department is responsible for billing and collecting all property taxes. The department calculates tax rates and prepares tax information, tax statements and "truth in taxation" notices. It keeps records of all taxing district levies (towns, cities, schools, etc.) tax collections and unpaid taxes. 

The department takes judgments on unpaid property tax parcels, administers forfeiture proceedings for unpaid taxes, and uses revenue recapture as a collection method, according to statute.