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  •  The REAL ID deadline is extended to May 7th, 2025

  • DVS offers a number of online services. Visit to find out if you can complete your transaction online before you visit offices. 

  • For Appointments in our Office, come prepared. 
  • Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your appointment and check in with the front desk to show your ticket number or they will assist you with getting your ticket number.  Please cancel with as much notice as possible if you need to. You can check your email or online to cancel.  Cancelling ahead of time allows us to open that appointment to another person who needs it.

REAL ID Update:

Federal REAL ID Enforcement Deadline Extended to May 7th, 2025

Minnesotans are encouraged to use the online pre-application tool before they visit their local driver’s license office to ensure they have the required documents.

Every air traveler 18 years of age or older will need a REAL ID, enhanced driver’s license or ID, passport or passport card or another acceptable form of ID to fly within the United States or enter federal facilities beginning May 7th, 2025. A standard Minnesota driver’s license will not be accepted for federal use as of that date, but it will still be a valid form of identification and valid for lawful driving privileges.

New Driver’s License System Offers Pre-Application Feature

A  pre-application feature will allow Minnesotans to enter a significant portion of their driver’s license or ID card application online – including REAL ID applications - reducing the time spent in driver’s license offices.

Check Out the New Online Services

Where’s My License?

REAL IDs in Minnesota - What you need to know and to apply

Driver’s License Renewal

You must submit your current driver’s license. A vision test and photo will be required. Applicants under 18 years of age must have their application signed by their parent or guardian. Your Social Security Number is required on the application.

When you renew your REAL or Enhanced ID, you do not need to bring your proof of residency and identity documents again unless you moved or changed your name since you got your REAL ID.

If you've moved or had a name change since the time your REAL ID was issued, you will need to do the following:

  • If you have a new address, you need to provide two new proof of Minnesota residency documents.
  • If you have changed your name, you need to provide additional identity documents that show the change of name, such as your marriage certificate, divorce degree or documents from a court-ordered name-change.

You will find a list of acceptable documents at

More information on renewing your REAL ID.  

We cannot transfer an out-of-state driver’s license to Minnesota without additional testing. See New Residents

Commercial Drivers License (CDL)

CDL license holders will be asked to complete a Medical Self-Certification Form (PDF) and submit an unexpired Medical Examiners Certificate, if applicable. A one-time submission of a citizenship document is also required at this time in order to renew a CDL license.

 DVS for Proof of Citizenship for CDL Renewals (PDF).


  • Class A regular: $65 New -  $60 Renewal
  • Class B regular / under 21: $57 New - $52 Renewal
  • Class C regular / under 21: $50 New-   $45 Renewal
  • Class D regular / under 21: $46 New,  $41 Renewal
  • Provisional: $32.50
  • Instruction Permit: $29.50 New - $24.50 Renewal
  • **Enhanced Driver's License (in addition to applicable Driver's License card fee)  $15 

What will a REAL ID cost?

A REAL ID will cost the same as a standard driver’s license or ID card. Fees will apply for early renewals depending on how many months the REAL ID is obtained before a person’s driver’s license or ID card expires.

Endorsement Fees

  • Motorcycle renewal: $17
  • School Bus original/renewal: $4

Driver’s License or Identification Duplicate / Replacement

When a card is lost, damaged, destroyed, or you just have an address change, an application must be completed for a duplicate or replacement card. 

Identification requirements will apply if there is a name change.  If your name has changed you must change with Social Security first.  After it is changed you will need to bring in certified document of the name change ex: Marriage, Divorce or Court order documents.

 A vision test is not required. Applicants under 18 years of age must have the application signed by a parent or guardian. Your Social Security Number is required on the application.

  • Duplicate/ Replacement Fee: $26.00

Minnesota Driver’s License Manuals

As part of a new green initiative, Driver’s License Manuals are now available online, exclusively.

Use the links below to view an entire manual in English or visit the Department of Public Safety website for other options.