Spousal Homestead

Under exceptional circumstances a husband and wife may claim separate homesteads by applying for a spousal homestead. In order to qualify for a spousal homestead there must be a spouse who is living in a different home due to employment. 


In order to qualify all three must apply:

  1. Occupy the property listed on this application as your primary residence
  2. Be a Minnesota resident
  3. The spouse's place of employment (or self-employment) must be at least 50 miles distant from the other spouse's place of employment, and the homesteads must be at least 50 miles distant from each other.


The spousal homestead renewal application must be completed every January 2nd by the occupant. The renewal application should only be used by those that have the initial application on file with the Sherburne County Assessor's Office. Other personal circumstances may qualify for spousal homestead. Please contact our office with questions or to apply.