Green Acres

"Green Acres" is a property tax deferral program established for qualifying agricultural properties pursuant to Minnesota Statute 273.111, the Minnesota Agricultural Property Tax Law. In order to account for the presence of non-agricultural influences that may affect the value of agricultural land, the commissioner of revenue shall develop a fair and uniform method of determining agricultural values for each county in the state. 

The commissioner shall annually assign the resulting values to each county and these values shall be used as the basis for determining the agricultural value for all properties in the county qualifying for tax deferment.


See Minnesota State Statute 273.111 for complete listing. Please contact our office for verification that a property meets these requirements.


An Application for Valuation and Tax Deferment of Agricultural Land for deferment of taxes and assessment must be filed with the County Assessor by May 1 of the year prior to the year in which the taxes are payable. The Assessor may require proof by affidavit that the property qualifies and may require the applicant to provide a copy of the appropriate schedule or form showing farm income that is attested to by the applicant as having been included in the most recently filed federal income tax return of the applicant.

How to Apply

To enroll in the Green Acres Program or for continuation of the Green Acres Program when the ownership of the property has changed, please contact our office at 763-765-4900 or toll free at 800-438-0577.

Sale or Transfer of Property

 When a property enrolled in the Green Acres program is sold or fee ownership is transferred, please contact our office for verification that the property continues to qualify.  Provided that all requirements are met, the purchaser must then file an application for continued deferment within 30 days of the sale.