An abatement is a formal written request made to the County Assessor to correct errors in valuation or classification on a specific property or properties. Always remember to keep paying your taxes because the abatement process may take several months to go through the approval process. 

Homestead Abatement

If your property was classified as non-homestead and should have been classified as homestead the previous year, you can apply for an abatement. You must prove occupancy of your property in order to potentially qualify for the homestead abatement.  In addition to the abatement application, a copy of your driver's license and a completed homestead application are required.

 Please contact our office or download the abatement application here.

Valuation & Classification Abatement

Properties incorrectly valued or classified may qualify for a current tax year abatement. Please contact our office or download the application here.

Local Option Abatement

A property that has been accidentally or unintentionally damaged due to a disaster and is uninhabitable or not usable, and the damage equals at least fifty percent of the structure's value, may be eligible for a tax reduction in the year of the occurrence. Please contact our office if you have questions about Local Option Abatement.