March 24, 2020

Due to concerns over the health and safety of property owners and the employees of Sherburne County, the Assessor’s office is not having direct face-to-face contact with property owners.  

We will not conduct physical inspections, both interior and exterior, of any properties until further notice.

The Sherburne County Assessor’s office will continue to assist property owners with their valuations and classification of their properties. We encourage property owners that have a concern to reach out to our office directly to resolve any issues.

The appraisers will use tools such as GIS technology, aerial photography and phone interviews with the property owners to resolve all appeals. We expect to continue to address all concerns to fullest and we are doing this out of concern of our property owners.

On our web page, you will find under Appeals the calendar of the various meetings for appeal that your township or city may be holding. These meetings are also posted on your valuation notice.

If a township or city plans to change their meeting format, that township or city will post this change for the public.

You can reach our office by calling 763-765-4900 or via email.

Sherburne County Assessor’s Office    (763) 765-4900 


In Minnesota, property taxes provide most of the funding for local government services. Each property’s share of taxes is determined according to its value, classification (use), and the property tax levies.


The Sherburne County Assessor’s Department is responsible for estimating property values and setting property classification for tax purposes. Each spring, a Notice of Valuation and Classification is sent to every property owner in Sherburne County. We address the resulting property valuation and classification concerns with property owners in person, by phone, and by letter. 


Appeals are addressed at the Local Boards of Appeal and Equalization and at the County Board of Appeal and Equalization.

Our Mission

To administer the statutes of the State of Minnesota which pertain to Real and Personal Property Assessment to the best of our ability, and in a manner which shows neither partiality nor prejudice towards any property owner, class of property or taxing jurisdiction.

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