County Budget

Sherburne County welcomes input from residents. Please direct any comments or suggestions on the County Budget Process to Dan Weber, Assistant County Administrator.

2019 Budget

The 2019 Preliminary Budget stands at $96,332,644 and includes a levy of $48,551,886 that was approved at the Sept. 4 County Board meeting. This represents a 4.75% increase from the 2018 levy. Once the preliminary budget is set, it cannot go any higher, but it can be cut.

The Board will hold its Truth in Taxation public hearing on Dec 10. The public hearing provides information on the proposed budget and levy and allows citizens to give their input.

The final budget and levy will be adopted in December.


View the most recent budget as well as previous years' documents.

Process Timeline

  • April
    Preliminary Budget Discussion with the Board and Departments receive budget packets
  • June
    Departments plan and prepare their budget proposals and make budget requests
  • July
    Budget proposals due to County Administration
  • August
    County Board workshops to review preliminary departmental budgets including technology and staffing requests with department heads
  • September
    Board of Commissioners review Administration recommendation and adopts preliminary budget
  • October through December
    Receive input and feedback from the public on budget proposal
  • December
    Hold the Truth-in-taxation public hearing to discuss the budget and pass the final budget and levy for adoption

Process Timeline (JPG)

County budget process timeline that goes through monthly steps