Two Inlets at Bdé Heḣáka - Omashkooz Zaaga’igaans Regional Park

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Recreational Map

Come check out the trail at Two Inlets at Bdé Heḣáka - Omashkooz Zaaga’igaans Regional Park!! Enjoy one mile of natural-surface trails. This park features scenic views, hiking, and wildlife viewing. Download the Two Inlets at Bdé Heḣáka - Omashkooz Zaaga’igaans Regional Park Recreational map here.

Since acquiring this significant landscape, the County has been working with a committee of stakeholders that includes representation from Palmer Township Board of Supervisors, the Brigg’s Lake Chain Association, the Sherburne Soil & Water Conservation DistEnvironment and Natural Resources Trust Fund logorict, County Board of Commissioners, the Tribal Historic Preservation Offices of three Sovereign Tribal Nations: the Upper Sioux Community, the Lower Sioux Indian Community, and the Mille Lacs Bands of Ojibwe. These stakeholders have provided important voices in discussions with County staff from multiple departments to guide the work of preparing the landscape for public access  

By the first of the new year, we will be ready to welcome visitors to enjoy the first trail loop through recently planted native prairie and wooded windbreaks.  Parking will be allowed on east side of 104th Avenue, in the north facing direction (pull into 104th going south, round the cul de sac and proceed to park along the east edge of the road).logo for the Clean Water Land & Legacy amendment 

In the meantime, work will continue to restore additional acres to native prairie in the spring of 2024 and begin restoration of degraded oak savanna.  In tandem, we will continue to deconstruct old contemporary farm buildings.  Safety is our concern, and we stress the importance of staying away from the failing structures.  The open portions of the park will include a lovely trail walk and we look forward to adding additional loops in the coming season.

The first Phase of Park Development will include a formal parking lot, interpretive panels, seating, and other trail amenities.  The County received a grant through the Clean Water Land & Legacy Amendment for this project and construction may begin in the spring of 2026!

Proposed Parkland Development - Phase 1

Proposed Parkland Development Phase 1

A statement Regarding Our Stewardship of the Land and Water

The new Two Inlets at Bdé Heḣáka - Omashkooz Zaaga’igaans Regional Park embraces a small portion of the ancestral lands of Dakhóta Oyáte and Anishinaabe, the original stewards of the lands and waters comprising what we now call and refer to as Sherburne County. The local government organization also entitled Sherburne County is today entrusted, along with its partners, with the protection, enjoyment, and preservation of these lands and waters.  We wish to show our commitment to the Indigenous communities by preserving the burial mounds of their ancestors, prioritizing their input in our planning, development and use of this parkland, and respecting and honoring their perspectives and wisdom. This parkland is an outdoor space to humbly recognize all those who have sought to preserve the land and water - from the past to the present, from the Dakota and Ojibwe people to other previous land stewards, and now to those called into service today – all of whom have made it possible to offer this outdoor space for all people to connect to both nature and culture.