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A Total Rewards Philosophy is the framework that sets the intention, direction and guidelines of a Total Rewards program.  It is the foundation that informs and supports decision-making, employment brand, and the County’s mission, vision, and values as they relate to employee attraction and retention.

Sherburne County's Total Rewards Philosophy Statement

As a thriving organization fueled by people passionate about serving our community, Sherburne County strives to support and engage employees through investments in competitive compensation and equitable benefits; a culture that promotes physical and emotional wellbeing; opportunities for professional growth and a sense of honor and purpose.

Total Rewards is Opportunity, Purpose, Belonging, Stability


Committed to supporting the growth and development of our employees, we are proud to offer internal advancement opportunities, formal performance evaluations and tuition reimbursement. We aspire to be an environment where the voice of our employees is heard and innovation is embraced.


Our dedicated employees are proud and honored to provide essential services critical to the health, safety, infrastructure, and economic success of our thriving and growing county. This sense of purpose and mission is a driving force of motivation for our employees.


We foster respect and appreciation between colleagues; embrace a wide range of backgrounds and talents; and are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Continually evolving, we are cultivating a fulfilling work environment.


Our organization maintains a competitive pay structure, equitable benefits, retirement plans, paid holidays, PTO, flexible work arrangements where possible, on-site health clinic, modern facilities, and a culture committed to supporting physical and mental wellness.