Work Release (Huber) Program

The work release (Huber) program is offered to sentenced inmates in the Sherburne County Jail if specified by the court’s order, and if they meet the jail requirements. These inmates would be allowed to leave the jail for up to 60 hours per week for their employment once they have provided the appropriate information to program staff. 

You are responsible to make an appointment for a Huber interview at least one week in advance of your jail report date.  If you do not make an appointment for an interview before you start your sentence, or if you call less than one week in advance of your start date, your work release may be delayed. 


You will be allowed one full-time, tax-paying job. 

The following information is required to be brought with you to complete the interview: 

Letter From Your Employer - This letter is required to be on your employer’s letterhead stationery.   Explain that you have full-time employment, the days that you work with the start and finish times and signed by your employer/supervisor.  You will not be allowed to be scheduled for more than 12 hours per day/shift or 60 hours per week. 

Proof You are Paying Income Taxes - You are required to show you are paying state and federal income tax.  A recent pay stub showing withholdings is required.  If you are self-employed, a copy of your 1040 from last year is required.  In some situations, jail programmers may require additional tax documents, or they may contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). 

Driving Information - If you drive yourself, you are required to furnish the following: 

A.    Your driver’s license number
B.    Insurance company name and policy number of the vehicle
C.    The make, model and year of the vehicle
D.    The vehicle license plate number

DESIGNATED DRIVER(S) – If you have a designated driver, you are required to furnish the following: 

A.    Full name(s) of driver(s) and their driver’s license number
B.    The make, model and year of the driver’s vehicle
C.    The vehicle license plate number

Program Fees – You will be charged $20 per day for every day you are in jail to participate in the Huber program.  You are required to pay 30 days in advance.  If your stay is less than 30 days, these days are required to be paid in advance.   You will be charged $40 for a baseline drug test, and any random drug tests. 

Huber fees and the baseline drug testing fee are required to be paid in cash. They are due upon admission to the jail for the exact amount due.   

If you do not pay the initial Huber fee or the baseline drug test fee, you will not be released for work.  Subsequent Huber fees are required to be received on or before the due date.  Failure to comply may result in being removed from Huber until the fee is received. 

You will be charged a $20 cash booking fee upon admission to jail.  This fee is required to be paid before you will be released for work.  If you have a negative balance, it may disqualify you from work release i.e. previous booking fee(s).  

If you are removed from Huber due to disciplinary action, loss of job or some other reason, you will be entitled to a refund for the days you were not allowed to work. 

The Sherburne County Jail Work Release Program does include other rules and conditions not addressed on these requirements.  If you have any questions regarding the Huber program, contact the Sherburne County Jail Programs office (763) 765-3827.   

You are required by Minnesota State Law to be screened for Tuberculosis (TB).