Information about protected emails

Sherburne County uses Microsoft Office 365 email protection for emails that require higher security.

Most users are able to open protected emails using the information provided by Microsoft on this page:

Microsoft Information on Opening Protected Email

(You are not required to have a Microsoft Account or email to access the email.)

Microsoft Corporate email users: 

If your email address is also hosted by Microsoft Office 365 it is important that you are logged in as the user that was sent the email.

If you receive an encrypted email to a shared mailbox you will need to open that message via outlook web (, and should contact your IT department if you do not have the appropriate access.

How to open an encrypted email from a shared mailbox in outlook web: 

1) Log into outlook at with your email credentials

2) Click on your account picture in the upper right corner of the page

3) Choose "Open another mailbox"

4) Type the email address of the shared mailbox you are accessing, then click open

5) Open the encrypted email from the inbox