Business Loans

The Initiative Foundation offers the following business financing programs to meet diverse regional needs:

Gap Loans:

Gap lending at the Initiative Foundation is a partnership between the borrower, a lead lender and our lending team. Gap loans “fill the gap” between what a bank can provide and what the borrower needs to remain solvent on a business-investment project.

By providing access to market-rate capital and support to borrowers who may face barriers or limits to traditional financing, CDFIs like the Initiative Foundation help to create opportunities for economic growth, empowerment and job-creation in the areas they serve.

Direct Loans:

By providing direct access to affordable capital and support, CDFIs like the Initiative Foundation help individuals and organizations overcome financial barriers while stimulating the local economy. Initiative Foundation direct loans are available to qualifying small businesses and individuals with limited access to credit.


Microloans are small loans provided by CDFIs like the Initiative Foundation to individuals, small businesses, and entrepreneurs in underserved communities. Microloans typically are used to support the growth and development of small-scale businesses or to assist individuals with limited access to traditional financial resources.

Microloans can range from a few hundred dollars up to tens of thousands of dollars. The goal of the Initiative Foundation’s microlending program is to support entrepreneurship, foster economic self-sufficiency, and creating opportunities for individuals and small businesses.

The Initiative Foundation places an emphasis on technology-based and green businesses as well as value-added manufacturing and agriculture operations. Nontraditional business owners such as women and minorities are especially encouraged to apply. Business loans are competitive and subject to review by staff and a volunteer committee. Loans may require 90 days to review and close based on complexity and documentation.