Business Recycling Bin Grant Program

Sherburne County is given monies through the State's SCORE grant, in accordance to Minnesota Statute 115A.557, to provide funding for development and implementation of permissible programs.  Permissible programs include, promoting small business recycling and recycling the maximum amount of solid waste technically feasible.  Businesses generate a significant amount of recyclables through daily operations.  Manufacturers can use these valuable resources to generate new products and provide jobs to boost our economy in Minnesota.  Sherburne County is offering grant awards to Businesses, located in Sherburne County, that have the desire to begin recycling or add additional recycling receptacles to their infrastructure to increase the rate of recycling.

The grant period will open February 30, 2022.  The grant period will remain open until all monies are allocated.  A limited amount of funds are available and the monies will be appropriated based on the order the applications are received complete. There is a total of $40,000 available during this grant period, with an individual maximum grant award of $5,000 with no match requirement.  The applicant will submit a complete application and a receptacle request form to Sherburne County at the address listed below.  After a complete application is received, Sherburne County staff will conduct a site visit to provide technical assistance and evaluate that the receptacle size and locations are appropriate.  After a successful site visit, the County will order the receptacles requested; the receptacles will be directly shipped to the applicant.

Submit the application and receptacle request form to the address below:
Sherburne County Planning and Zoning Department
Attn: Solid Waste
13880 Business Center Drive
Elk River, Mn 55330

If you need additional information or have any questions, please contact the Sherburne County Environmental Specialist at the following: or phone 763-765-4457.    

Small Business Recycling Grant Program Application

Receptacle Request Form

Recycling and Trash posters are a great way to educate people on the types of materials accepted in each receptacle.  Please notify Sherburne County if there is  a certain size or list of materials that are needed.  You may need to zoom in on the following links to see the entire image.                       

Recycling Guide (English and Spanish) - 17"x11"

Recycling Guide (English and Spanish) - 11"x8.5"

Recycling Guide (English) - 8.5"x11"

Recycling Guide (English and Spanish) - 18"x24"

Trash (English) - 8.5"x24"

*Funded by MPCA SCORE Grant Dollars*

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