Bail and bond release information

Bail is money provided to the court as a promise to appear in court, whether the individual was recently arrested or has an active warrant. In lieu of posting bail (cash), an individual may choose to go through a bonding agency. Bond is money or property secured as a promise to appear in court. The Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office cannot recommend a specific bonding agency. 

Posting bail/bond allows an individual to remain out-of-custody until his or her court date.

Bail/bond can be paid at the Sherburne County Jail (Door D) 24 hours a day.

Only cash for the exact amount of the bail is accepted.

Credit cards, checks, or money orders are not accepted.

You must show a current government-issued photo identification to pay bail.

Posting bail/bond for someone in jail

In Sherburne County, bail standards established by the court outline which offenses are provided bail. For select offenses, this means an individual can be released from custody by posting bail (paying money) and promising to appear in court. For other offenses, an individual may be held in-custody with bail/bond later determined by a judge. The court may impose additional conditions with the posting of bail or bond.

In most cases, an inmate or someone on behalf of an inmate may post bail or bond. To inquire about bail/bond for an in-custody inmate, please contact the Jail at 763-765-3800. The inmate’s full name and date of birth are required to provide this information.

Posting bail/bond for an arrest warrant

If you have an active arrest warrant and the warrant is assigned a dollar amount, you can turn yourself in and post bail. This means, if you have cash bail, you will not be held in-custody and will be given a court date.

If no bail amount is provided, you must be booked and appear in court to resolve your arrest warrant. The law requires that you appear before a judge within a reasonable time, which is normally the following business day.

If a bail amount appears, you can post bail/bond and remain out-of-custody until your court date.


Once the jail receives authorization to release an inmate from custody, the inmate must be processed for release. When processing is completed, inmates are released directly at the jail lobby.

Processing times will vary and may be delayed depending on the time of day and number of inmates being processed for release.

Identification verification standards

All persons with a Sherburne County arrest warrant must be processed by the jail staff to confirm identification; this process includes being fingerprinted and photographed.