COVID-19 Vaccine 

COVID-19 vaccination will help keep you from getting COVID-19. Getting vaccinated will be one of the best ways to protect yourself and those around you. Learn about the benefits of getting a COVID-19 vaccine

Information on the COVID-19 vaccine is quickly changing. Check back on this page often for updates. 

When can I get vaccinated?

Sherburne County Public Health is a registered vaccine provider through the state health department. We are currently working with employers within the identified phased vaccination groups on vaccine distribution. We will be following guidance from the Minnesota Department of Health for who will be included in future priority populations. Updates will be provided when vaccine is available to more people and how they can get it (workplace, private healthcare provider, local retail pharmacy or local community vaccination event).

The best way to stay informed is at This is where the latest information about vaccine availability and priority populations will be posted. For local updates, visit the Sherburne County website and Sherburne County Public Health Facebook Page

Current Priority Populations

For planning and communication purposes, Sherburne County Public Health is gathering information about occupational sectors, organizations and/or individuals that meet the qualifications for the initial phases of the vaccine program. Those who fall into priority groups listed below, can be notified of vaccine availability by completing the COVID-19 Priority Population Vaccination Form. 

Phase 1a: See if your clinic or facility would qualify as a priority group on the Minnesota Department of Health Phase 1a Vaccination Guide. Employer should complete form for the following:

  • Assisted Living/Housing with Services
  • Community COVID-19 Testing Clinic
  • Community Vaccination Clinic
  • Dental Clinic
  • Dialysis Clinic
  • Living or Working in Congregate Care Settings
  • Medical Clinic (e.g., primary, pediatric, community, urgent care, etc.)
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical and/or Occupational Therapy Clinic


Future Priority Groups: See if your occupational sector, organization or individual status would qualify as a future priority group. 


Complete Form as Individual

Employer to Complete Form

  • Adult Age 65-74
  • Adult Age 75+
  • Individual with Underlying Medical Conditions


  • Child Care Workers
  • Critical Manufacturing Workers
  • Food & Agriculture Workers
  • K-12 School Workers
  • Postal Workers
  • Transportation System Workers
  • Utility Workers


COVID-19 VACCINE FORMS (For those who have been invited to participate in a clinic)