Appointment Booking

Sherburne County License & Passport Center is available by appointment only

Appointments open up and change daily so please check back often.  

We are currently only booking 30 days in advance each day will open up another day.  

 Please read below before you apply


Sherburne County offers Mobile Ticket-  When you book with your smart phone or email you will get a link to check in       10 mins before your appointment time.  You will received a mobile ticket to show the front desk at Door A.  They will direct you to our waiting area for you to be called up with your ticket #. 

We now take appointments for the following services:

  •  Drivers Licenses- Renewals/Upgrades - no Exams at this location ( for all MN Residents not just Sherburne County)
  •  Disability Parking Permits
  •  CDL Medical Certifications  (can upload online here)       
  • Ministerial Credentials 
  • Notary Filing
  • Passports    
  • Certificate Filing- Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates    
  • DVS Documentation (used to update documents/letter from the state)  
  • Reinstatement Fees  (Cash or Credit Card payments only)                                                                             

Please come prepared. Below are some reminders and information that will be helpful for you when you arrive and to reduce time and confusion. 

  •  Minnesota REAL ID or enhanced driver’s license or ID card REAL ID deadline is extended to May 7th , 2025.

  • DVS offers a number of online services. Visit to find out if you can complete your transaction online before you visit offices.

  • You must provide original documents or documents certified by the agency that issued them. Digital documents shown on your phone or other electronic device will not be accepted.  

    Come prepared for your appointment

  • For all Drivers License Appointments you need to fill out an application ahead of time if you do not have access to a computer or smart phone you can fill out a paper application before your appointment, please arrive 10 mins before appointment to stay on schedule.
  •  Remember, if you apply for a REAL or Enhanced ID/DL you will need to bring in specific documents. Please review the MN Department of Vehicle Services site for more information.  (Help me choose which license is right for me)
  • Please bring your own black pen to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
  • We accept all forms of payment: Cash, Check or Credit Card (with 2.5% fee)
  • If you are changing your name you must change with the Social Security office before you can change your license.  You will still need to  bring in your original name change documents with you on the day you apply. 

Bring the correct documentation

Required Documents for: 

You must provide original documents or documents certified by the agency that issued them. Digital documents shown on your phone or other electronic device will not be accepted.


         Real ID/DL   (By Appointment only for 1st time Applicants- Documents Required)

         Enhanced ID/DL   (By Appointment only 1st time Applicants 8:15am-3:15pm)

         CDL Medical Certification  

         Disability Parking  Permit/Certificates  


         Vital Records- Certificate filing (Birth/ Death/ Marriage Certificates/Notary)

         Travel Concerns: Which license or credential is right for me?

Booking Help and What to Expect When You arrive:

Show up for your appointment no earlier than 10 mins before and check in at Door A. Using your smart phone you can get a mobile ticket by a text or email link that we will send to you upon confirmation of your appointment.  If you do not get a ticket by your phone please check in with the front desk, and you must confirm you have an appointment, show them your ticket.  Please reschedule or cancel with as much notice as possible. Cancelling ahead of time allows us to open that appointment to another person who needs it.  

To modify an appointment online, click here. Or you may call or email our office at:
Drivers License Center
Phone: 763-765-4375

Recorders Office/Passports/Vital Records
Phone: 763-765-4420

If you have questions please contact the  Department of Driver & Vehicle Services

General Questions for all locations:  651-297-3298

Questions on Driving Privileges and Compliance: 651-296-2025

Exam Station Inquiries or to schedule a road test or class D knowledge exam: 651-248-1000 or 651-284-1234

Comercial Driver's License: 651-297-5029

Click on the links below for more information on the service or the required forms.
Drivers License- Real - Enhanced- Standard  (Help me Choose)
Disability Parking Permits/Certificates 
CDL Medical Certification  (can upload online here)  Birth/Death Records Marriage Certificates Notary Services Passports