Appointment Booking options during Restricted Building Access Due to COVID-19

Sherburne County is conducting statutorily essential business. Please contact us for an appointment before arrival.

Auditor / Treasurer
Services: Property Tax, Property Forfeitures, Elections
Phone Appointments:(763) 765-4350
Email Appointments:Auditor / Treasurer

Drivers License
Services:MN Driver’s License, Real-ID, Handicapped vouchers, State ID cards
Online Appointments:Online Booking

Services :Passports and Passport Photos
Phone Appointments:(763) 765-4420
Email Appointments:Passport Appointments
Online Appointments:Online Booking

Services:Vital Record Registration: Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Land Records, Death Certifications
Phone Appointments:(763) 765-4420
Email Appointments:Email Recorder
Online Appointments:Online Booking

Contact Information for Departments without Online Booking

Phone: (763) 765-3001
EmailEmail Administration

Important Notice:We will not conduct physical inspections, both interior and exterior, of any properties until further notice. Please refer to the Assessors webpage for more information by selecting the Assessor heading link above.
Phone:(763) 765-4900
Email:Email Assessor

Community Corrections
Phone:(763) 765-4550
Email:Email Community Corrections

County Attorney
Phone:(763) 765-4725
Email:Email Attorney

Court Administration
Phone:(800) 433-5232; (763) 765-4606
Email:Email Court Admin

Economic Development 
Phone:(763) 765-3007
Email:Email Economic Development

Health & Human Services
Phone:(763) 765-4000
Email:Email HHS

Human Resources
Phone:(763) 765-3000
Email:Email Human Resources

Parks & Recreation
Phone:(763) 765-3300
Email:Email Parks

Planning & Zoning
Phone:(763) 765-4450
Email:Email Planning and Zoning

Public Works
Phone:(763) 765-3300
Email:Email Public Works

Phone:(763) 765-3500
Email:Email Sheriff

Veterans Services
Phone:(763) 765-3100
Email:Email Veterans