Appointment Booking options during Restricted Building Access Due to COVID-19

Sherburne County is following CDC and MDH protocols for in-person visits to the Government Center.  To limit in-person interactions and large gatherings, many county functions are now available online or via phone, email, or postal mail.  Other functions are provided by scheduling of a recommended or required appointment.

Drivers License
Services:MN Driver’s License, Real-ID, Handicapped vouchers, State ID cards; Reinstatement Fees (Cash or Credit/Debit Card Only)
Online Appointments:Online Booking

Services:Passports and Passport Photos
Phone:(763) 765-4420
Email Appointments:Passport Appointments
Online Appointments:Online Booking

Planning & Zoning
Services:Building Permits, Land Use Permits, Administrative Splits, Variances, Septic Loan Program
Please call or email for an appointment

Phone:(763) 765-4450
Email:Email Planning and Zoning

Services:Vital Record Registration: Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Land Records, Death Certifications
Phone:(763) 765-4420
Email Appointments:Email Recorder
Online Appointments:Online Booking

Contact Information for Departments without Online Booking

Phone:(763) 765-3001
EmailEmail Administration

Important Notice:We will not conduct physical inspections, both interior and exterior, of any properties until further notice. Please refer to the Assessors web page for more information.
Phone:(763) 765-4900
Email:Email Assessor

Community Corrections
Phone:(763) 765-4550
Email:Email Community Corrections

County Attorney
Phone:(763) 765-4725
Email:Email Attorney

Court Administration
Phone:(800) 433-5232 OR  (763) 284-7140
Email:Email Court Admin

Economic Development 
Phone:(763) 765-3007
Email:Email Economic Development

Health & Human Services
Phone:(763) 765-4000
Email:Email HHS

Human Resources
Phone:(763) 765-3000
Email:Email Human Resources

Parks & Recreation
Phone:(763) 765-3300
Email:Email Parks

Public Works
Phone:(763) 765-3300
Email:Email Public Works

Phone:(763) 765-3500
Email:Email Sheriff
Sheriff’s Office is open Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. for walk-in traffic

Veterans Services
Phone:(763) 765-3100
Email:Email Veterans