Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Resources and Information on COVID 19/Coronavirus

  • Sherburne County’s searchable database of resources, providers and services – This site contains searchable GIS maps that show you the nearby resources for medical care, child care and food. Information will continue to be added that can help local residents during this pandemic.
  • Minnesota Department of Health – This site includes situation updates, information about the illness, how to prepare, information for schools, and updated on what MDH and partners are doing to prepare.
  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC) – This site includes status updates, travel information, laboratory/testing information, and regularly updated news.
  • Minnesota fights COVID-19 related criminal activity – See information about the Minnesota COVID-19 Action Team (MCAT), a coordinated statewide effort focused on investigating and prosecuting unlawful activity associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and enforcing all state and federal laws and executive orders to put
    an end to it.
  • NACO – This site includes resources specific to county response to COVID-19.

Your public health staff with continue to receive regular briefings on the state’s COVID 19 response from the Minnesota Department of Health. You are encouraged to work with your local public health director and staff to obtain relevant local information.

Legislative Funding Asks

We expect several bills to be introduced for funding for state and local response. At least one bill was recently introduced in the Minnesota Senate (SF 3813) that appropriates $5 million for public health response to COVID-19. However, this bill takes back any remaining funding after February 2021 and returns it to the General Fund. Doing so could inhibit ongoing response that happens after that date.

The National Association of County and City Health Officials, which many Minnesota counties are members of, has also made formal appropriations requests of our Federal Legislators for state and local response. See the letter sent to the administration here and additional supplemental information here.

Announcing that Twin Cities PBS is dedicating 30 minutes of broadcast time, every week, to this public health concern beginning tomorrow at 8:00 on Channel 2.1 (main PBS), Channel 2.5 (TPT NOW) and our social media platforms. TPT is partnering directly with the Minnesota Department of Health-MDH (and others) to bring you weekly updates on Coronavirus (COVID-19). Hear first-hand information from public health, Governor Walz, hospital systems, cultural communities and more. Learn practical information from trusted medical sources so all Minnesotans know the steps to prepare for the coronavirus –also known as COVID-19—if it arrives in our communities.

Where to watch or stream the weekly show beginning tonight, February 28th at 8pm: