2020 Completed Foreclosure Sales

DateMortgagorRedemption PeriodAddressCityPIDHigh BidderBid AmountAttorney
12/29/2020Hoaby, Tom & JudyRedeemed on 6/29/2125382 162nd St NWBig Lake35-466-0105Towd Point Mortgage Trust$257,992.24Wilford, Geske & Cook
11/19/2020Weatherly, William & Phyllis12 months19885 Tyler St NWElk River75-123-3435Kondaur Capital Corp$316,897.16Shapiro & Zielke
11/5/2020Wamsley, Christopher & JenniferRedeemed on 5/17/21 by Paramount Inv. Group18585 Tyler Dr NWElk River75-701-0117Marshes of Trout Brook Homeowners Association$76,185.91Fuller, Seaver & Swanson
10/29/2020Reid, Daniel6 months161 Oak AveBig Lake65-424-0110, 65-423-0150, 65-124-1415MTGLO Investors$155,000.00Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
10/6/2020Carlson, Donald12 months15388 196th Ave NWElk River10-434-0110Champion Mortgage$231,493.72Wilford, Geske & Cook
10/1/2020Vanzant, Thomas & Jackie6 months1161 Lake Shore DrBig Lake65-422-0335 & 65-113-4312Carrington Mortgage Services LLC$96,600.00Shapiro & Zielka
10/1/2020Fowler, StevenRedeemed by owner on 1/29/2117183 Monroe Dr NWElk River75-719-3604Woods at Elk River Station$9,586.25Carlson & Associates Ltd.
9/15/2020Larson, Joshua6 months361 Ormsbee St SBig Lake65-406-0115Specialized Loan Servicing LLC$109,787.70Shapiro & Zielke
8/20/2020Zettergren, Lisa6 months538 Jackson AveElk River75-712-0125LoanCare, LLC$75,100.00Trott Law
8/11/2020Isaac, Troy6 months26480 10th St WZimmerman95-432-0120US Bank Trust, NA$171,000.00Wilford, Geske & Cook
7/13/2020MacLeod, Randal & RoseRedeemed on 9/4/20 by owner1481 Hill StBig Lake65-444-0145Creative Real Estate$60,490.60Foley & Mansfield
7/9/2020Grove, Robert6 months1013 8th Ave SESt. Cloud85-402-3910PennyMac Loan Services, LLC$67,240.00Shapiro & Zielke
6/25/2020Beckfeld, Thomas6 months5051 Mitchell RoadBig Lake65-490-0525Wells Fargo Bank, NA$193,500.00Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
6/18/2020Phelps, Nicholas & JocelynRedeemed by owner on 10/26/2026253 24th St WZimmerman95-466-0202Penny Mac Loan Services, LLC$191,210.09Wilford, Geske & Cook
6/2/2020Cruise, Elvin & Ola6 months14145 182nd Ave NWElk River75-504-0150US Bank, NA$237,500.00Wilford, Geske & Cook
4/30/2020Green, Kenneth & AnnaRedeemed on 8/7/2013357 5th Ave SZimmerman95-439-0330MidwestOne Bank$44,254.44Paiement Law
3/12/2020Laws, Bryan6 months1101 10th St SESt. Cloud85-401-9255Freedom Mortgage Corp.$144,480.00Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
3/11/2020Zeglin, James & KarenRedeemed on 4/23/20 by Minneapolis Properties LLC13310 180 1/2 Circle NWElk River75-546-0118Specialized Loan Servicing$138,865.50Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
3/11/2020Lauer, James6 months20263 Prairie DrBig Lake65-529-0205Freedom Mortgage$175,665.00Sayer Law Group
3/10/2020Rasmussen, JaneenRedeemed on 9/4/20 by owner125 Park AveBig Lake65-429-0760Round Point Mortgaging$188,016.54Wilford, Geske & Cooke
3/5/2020Dusosky, Todd & JackieRedeemed on 9/25/20 by Tundra Investments LLC10843 184th Court NWElk River75-746-0124JPMorgan Chase Bank$258,837.51Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
3/4/2020Mork, William & Betty5 weeks16693 20th StPrinceton45-401-0150US Bank NA$41,415.08Wilford, Geske & Cook
3/3/2020McMillen, Patrick6 months12305 Ridgewood Dr NWElk River75-473-0350US Bank NA$220,080.00Wilford, Geske & Cook
2/13/2020Helgeson, Karen6 months17794 Tyler DrElk River75-710-0073Creative Real Estate$15,041.61Carlson & Associates
2/27/2020Adlesich, Thomas & MariaRedeemed on 6/9/2015568 County Rd 35 NWElk River10-123-1203Deutsche Bank$147,583.52Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
2/27/2020Sampson, Sherry6 months31721 172nd St NWPrinceton15-408-0120Deutsche Bank$238,500.00Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
2/26/2020Cornelia, Scott & Alyssa5 weeks18573 Traverse LaneBig Lake65-540-0402Round Point Mortgage$216,720.00Trott Law
2/25/2020Eral, Donald6 months18293 197th St NWBig Lake10-417-0105Metropolitan Life$250,366.95Wilford, Geske & Cook
2/25/2020Grossbach, Darla6 months16949 County Road 83Big Lake10-109-1300MTGLQ Investors$218,884.00Wilford, Geske & Cook
2/18/2020Gerads, Glen & Rosemary6 months1209 9th Avenue SESt. Cloud85-402-5515U.S. Bank NA$115,920.00Wilford, Geske & Cook
1/30/2020Pierson, ZacharyRedeemed on 7/27/2010000 57th StClear Lake40-028-3420Freedom Mortgage$247,592.81Trott Law
1/30/2020Mitchell, Michael & DarleneRedeemed by owner on 5/15/2018956 Helen WayBig Lake65-535-0108Freedom Mortgage$235,713.94Trott Law
1/24/2020Nguyen, Cuong6  months4350 Sterling DrBig Lake65-487-0355John Hawkins$120,000.00Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
1/21/2020Kasper, Brandon & Olson, AmberRedeemed by owner on 5/29/2011794 35th Ave SEBecker60-471-0120PennyMac Loan Services$146,053.01Shapiro & Zielke
1/21/2020Ide, Tyler & AprilRedeemed on 6/30/205380 Highland TrailBig Lake65-518-0245PennyMac Loan Services$244,439.55Shapiro & Zielke
1/16/2020Braun, Malinda6 months11272 Monroe Dr SEBecker60-424-0622RoxSolid Homes$69,100.00Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
1/8/2020Dalbec, RyanRedeemed on 6/17/20 by owner14211 244th Ave NWZimmerman30-533-0615Whispering Ridge HOA of Zimm$6,151.76Carlson & Associates, Ltd.
1/2/2020Andreasen, Kevin6 months14903 283rd Ln NWZimmerman15-423-0105Pingora Loan Services$168,582.89Wilford, Geske & Cook