Driving Forward


The Sherburne County Public Works Department is dedicated to providing a safe transportation network for its residents, businesses and visitors. Historically, the Department has managed the county highway/roadway and bridge systems and has overseen construction, inspection, maintenance, and repair of these facilities. As the county has grown and the needs of its residents and businesses have evolved, Sherburne County and the Department have come to recognize that their efforts and attention need to encompass more than a roadway network. The Department regularly works cooperatively with communities within the county, adjacent counties, the Metropolitan Council/Metro Transit, and the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) to provide a transportation network that addresses a multitude of needs – be they for motorized vehicles, freight traffic, pedestrians and bicyclists, and transit dependent/choice populations. 

Plan Overview and Background

Since the plan was last updated in 2007, Minnesota, including Sherburne County, has experienced significant economic swings and inconsistent investment in transportation and other infrastructure that have impacted growth. Funding for transportation at the federal and state levels has been erratic for years, and there has been little indication that this will change. Changes in demographics and lifestyles have resulted in new and different types of transportation demands than previous generations. These factors have, over the past decade, made it challenging for local officials to properly plan for long-term investments and to prioritize more immediate needs.

To address the changing conditions and the varying interests of different generations of transportation users, Sherburne County has developed a new long-range plan that will serve as the framework for transportation infrastructure and service investments for the next 20 plus years. 

The plan includes the following:

  • Updated/new goals and objectives
  • Existing conditions
  • Future system plan that addresses multiple modes – highways, transit, bicycle/pedestrian, freight, and rail
  • Roads: functional class, jurisdiction, system connectivity, capacity, safety
  • Transit: modes, coordination with other agencies, potential extensions/new service area
  • Bicycle/Pedestrian:  connectivity, continuity, potential future improvements
  • Freight: trends, improvements by mode
  • Rail: freight rail and commuter rail systems and potential improvements
  • Financial evaluation of costs and revenue streams and the gaps between the two
  • Implementation policies, strategies, and timeframes

Sherburne County Transportation Plan

Cover image of a newly paved road from the Transportation plan and text saying driving forward, Sher

Contact Information

If you have questions or comments related to this plan, please contact:

Andrew Witter, PE
Public Works Director
Sherburne County Public Works