Relatives Caring for Relative's Children

The Grandfamily Guidebook

Wisdom and Support for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

“Wow, what a needed book!... If grandkids came with a guidebook, this book would be it.”  --Dr. William Sears, Author of The Baby Book.

If you find yourself raising your grandchild – whether it’s due to a parent’s addiction, incarceration, or inability to parent – consider this book your one-stop guide. In the Grandfamily Guidebook, authors Andrew Adesman, MD and Christine Adamec share expert advice on raising a grandfamily coupled with insights from grandparents who have been there themselves. Discover practical tips on topics like coping with uncooperative birth parents; working through legal, financial, and medical issues; overcoming challenges with school and social life; and managing your own self-care through it all. With this book, you’ll have a practical, inspiring guide to raising a family...your grandfamily...again.


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