Sherburne County Safe Roads Coalition

Current Projects

The Sherburne County Safe Roads Coalition has various efforts underway to inform our community about traffic safety initiatives.  Please take a moment to review and participate where able.

What is the Toward Zero Deaths Program?

Minnesota Toward Zero Deaths (TZD) is the state’s cornerstone traffic safety program since 2003, employing an interdisciplinary approach to reducing traffic crashes, injuries, and deaths on Minnesota roads. This approach involves five different stakeholder groups, affectionately known as the five E’s, working together to drive Minnesota traffic deaths and serious injuries down to zero. These include:


Changing driver behavior is the focus of traffic safety education efforts. It is not enough for drivers to understand the "rules of the road." Drivers must be motivated to change their driving habits.

Emergency Medical & Trauma Services

The goal of the Toward Zero Deaths program is to reduce not just crashes, but total road injuries and fatalities. That means that when a crash does occur, fast, efficient, and coordinated emergency response is critical.


Ensuring compliance with traffic laws is a major component in changing driver behavior and reducing unsafe driving practices.


Modifying or reconstructing roadways can be challenging and time consuming. Careful evaluation of road characteristics is the key to a solid investment in public safety.


Everyone has a part in driving the total fatalities down to zero.  We each make choices every day that can affect not only our lives, but those around us, while utilizing our roadways and beyond. 

Who We Are

The Sherburne County Safe Roads Coalition program works to increase local involvement in traffic safety issues in our community. The Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office has formed a TZD coalition by partnering with others to address issues in our community through a multifaceted approach. The Sherburne County Safe Roads Coalition is currently funded by a grant from the Department of Public Safety to help offset costs associated with its efforts.

How Can You Participate?

Attend Our Meetings

The Coalition typically meets the second Wednesday of the month in the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at the Sherburne County Government Center in Elk River from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.  

Prior Meeting Minutes

Feb. 13 meeting
March 13 meeting
April 10 meeting
June 12 meeting
Sept. 11 meeting
Nov. 13 meeting
Dec. 11 meeting
March 11 meeting
June 10 meeting
Sept. 9 meeting
Feb. 10 meeting
Nov. 2 meeting
Dec. 15 meeting
Feb. 23 meeting
May 4, meeting
June 29, meeting
Sept. 21 meeting
Nov. 30 meeting
March 22 meeting
Sept. 6 meeting

Join Our Listserve

Not able to make our meeting, but still interested in learning about coalition activities, potential opportunities to volunteer, or simply to be more informed and to promote traffic safety information among your network of friends, family, and coworkers? Contact Deputy Geoffrey Dowty at to be added to the email distribution list.

Share the Message

Do you post on social media, personally and/or professionally?  Do you have a bulletin board, an electronic messaging board, or other message sharing opportunity via a newsletter or other outreach that can be utilized to promote safe driving practices among our residents, businesses, and visitors to Sherburne County? By joining our email distribution list, you will have access to information generated by the Department of Public Safety and other organizations or members that can be shared with your connections to promote our TZD efforts and successes.
Remember That 5th E? Yes, That is You!!!
Whether you formally join the coalition by attending meetings or joining our list serve, technically, you are already a member of the movement of our Toward Zero Deaths journey.  Thank you for taking our roadways seriously and for making efforts to improve our traffic safety culture one day at a time.

Information about the Toward Zero Deaths program.