Lost Pets List

Date LostDescriptionAnimal TypeLocation Lost
7/5/21Shih Tzu, male, brown w/black faceDogElk River city limits
7/3/21Yellow Lab, female, 7 months old, shock collar & green collarDog24143 183rd St NW
6/29/21Terrier mix, female, grey/whiteDogBike Trail near Barton Sand & Gravel
6/25/21Tabby cat, long hair, black/brown/grey, female, no collarCat13311 182nd Lane NW
6/21/21Dachshund-Chihuahua mix, male, orange collarDog13938 4th Ave N
6/20/21Beagle, partially deaf & blind, red/brown collar w/rabies tag, named "Dwight"Dog10913 42nd St SE
6/19/21Bluetick Hound, collar, named "Blue"Dog11110 313th Ave NW
6/14/21Two black and white cowsCow29173 149th St NW
6/10/21Yellow Lab mix, female, choke collar, leashDogBig Lake Dog Park
6/3/21Black Lab, white spot on middle of chest, orange collar, no tagsDog12703 5th Ave N
5/31/21Black Lab, male, no collar/tags, named "Diesel"Dog12927 300th Ave NW
5/25/21Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix, red shock collar, blue collar w/tag, named "Spike"Dog3153 County Road 8 SE
5/22/21Cat, black, purple collarCat14292 Hillside Lane
5/14/21Cat, black, collar w/moon & stars tag on itCat11931 191.5 Ave NW
5/10/21Cat, black, no collarCat19961 204th Ave NW
5/17/21Cat, black/white tuxedo, male, no collarCat4306 Ridge Circle NW
5/16/21Yorkie, no collar/tagsDog547 Marcia Dr
5/11/21Siberian Husky, male, dark collarDog260 Powell St N
5/8/21Cat, black/grey tabby, "M" on forehead, female, named "Delta"Cat17993 Rawlins
5/8/21Australian Shepherd, male, blue/grey electronic fence colloar; and German Shepherd, female, brown/black, teal collar; both microchippedDog16784 211th Ave NW
5/3/21Brown Lab named "Eddy" and Yellow Lab named "George", both microchippedDog19748 Tyler St
5/2/21Shepherd mix, male, black, wearing maroon collar w/tags; and Shepherd mix, tan, no collarDog14923 County Road 30
4/26/21Black Lab, female, wearing pink collarDog27340 128th St
4/26/21Pitbull, no collar/tags, named "Marley"Dog476 Shannon Dr
4/26/21Cat, grey tabby, declawed, named "Captain"Cat3030 Lake Ridge Dr
4/22/21French Bulldog, female, wearing pink collar w/tags, named "Josie"Dog11550 165th Ave SE
4/19/21Mini Dachshund, wearing collar, named "Gracie Rose"Dog18239 Kent St
4/10/21Maine Coon cat, male, black/greyCat26388 Terrace Dr
4/6/21Chihuahua, female, pink collarDog20655 187th St NW
4/3/21Hound-Bulldog mix, black/brown w/white on chest, named "Morty"Dog18194 233rd
4/1/21Black Lab mix, white on chest and paws, male, no collar, named "Zeus"Dog20405 Junegrass St