Lost Pets List

Date LostDescriptionAnimal TypeLocation Lost
5/14/23Aussie Doodle, tan/greyDog159th Court
5/7/23Cat, orange tabby, red collar, named "Tiger"Cat18484 244th Ave NW
5/7/23Cat, grey/brown/white, blue collar, named "Hunter"Cat18484 244th Ave NW
5/7/23Cat, black, female, green eyes, no collar/chipCat15575 County Rd 35 NW
5/5/23Chihuahua mix, no collarDog32131 111.5 St NW
5/5/23Shih Tzu, male, brown, blue collar w/tile trackerDog12354 Ridgewood Dr
5/3/23Pom/Papillon mix, female, blue/pink collar w/tagsDog12624 Pondview Road
5/2/23Black Lab, male, no collar/tag, named "Milo"Dog16300 201st Ave
4/26/23Black Lab, red collarDog19219 Zebulon
4/24/23Blue Heeler/Black Lab mix, female, no collar/chipDog19104 Meadow Lane
4/21/23Mini Schnauzer, black/silver, female, purple/white collar, chipped, named "Kok"Dog14254 214th Ave
4/15/23Siberian Husky, male, white/grey/black, black collarDog13959 7th Ave N
4/13/23Calf, black, 3 months old, tag on earCalf12831 Ranch Rd
4/6/23Cat, orange, female, wearing a cone w/red collar, chippedCat25929 12th St W
4/3/23Cockatiel, yellow w/orange cheeksBird761 Brom Lane
4/2/23Shih Tzu, brown/black, no tags/collar/chipDog17811 Halas St NW, Ramsey
3/29/23Miniature Poodle, grey, long hair, yellow collarDog30615 149th St NW
3/24/23German Shorthaird Pointer, black/white, femaleDog8766 Norris Lake Road
3/24/23German Shorthaired Pointer, brown/white, femaleDog8766 Norris Lake Road
3/15/23Weimaraner, male, orange collarDog29958 145th St NW
3/15/23Yellow Lab, male, black leather collarDog29958 145th St NW
3/2/23German Short Hair, brown, brown leather collarDog30649 114th St NW
2/26/23Border Collie, black & white face, no collar/tag, named "Scooby Doo"Dog5723 Egret Ave
2/11/23Pomeranian mix, female, named "Lulu"Dog26548 10th St W
2/7/23Siberian Husky, female, brown eye & blue eye, white/blue/orange collar w/ping tag, named "Nani"Dog11522 201st Ave
2/4/23Two German Shepherds, one has collarDog18685 196th St NW
2/1/23Cat, domestic medium hair, female, white w/calico patches of grey & orangeCat25847 11th St W
1/31/23Pitbull mix, male, tan, red collar w/rabies tag, not chipped, named "King"Dog19055 Baldwin St
1/27/23Black Lab/mountain dog, female, black w/white on chest, green/black collarDog13443 Riverview Dr
1/17/23Yellow Lab, blue collar, no chip/tags, named "Jack"Dog7398 325th Ave
1/16/23Terrier mix, female, brindle brown/black w/white/grey face, pink collar with ID tag, not microchippedDog18500 224th Ave NW
1/12/23Pitbull, female, neon yellow collar, named " Katie"Dog18844 225th Ave NW
1/6/23Calico cat, female, orange/white/blackCat165 Fair Meadows Dr
12/29/22Yellow Lab, no collar/tagsDog19054 Waco St
12/29/22German Shepherd, no collar/tagsDog19054 Waco St
12/27/22Yellow Lab, no collar/chip, named "Waylon"Dog1704 165th Ave SE
12/27/22Dog, brown brindle, male, over 100 lbs, red collar, named "Dax"Dog16680 254th Ave NW
12/21/22Australian Shepherd mix, male, leash & collarDog20780 County Road 15 NW
12/19/22Golden/Aussie mix, female, red w/white & black markings, floral collar w/tags, not chipped, named "Cleo"DogSand Dunes Forest Main Lot
12/17/22Two Tennessee Walking horses - 1 female, brown w/white diamond on head, no tack and 1 gelding male, brown/white Horses8477 185th Ave SE
12/16/22Great Dane, silver choker collar, chipped, named "Kylo"Dog17049 164th St
12/4/22Bernadoodle, male, black/white, shock collarDog26362 105th St NW
12/2/22Yellow Lab, blind, no collar, named "Ruby"Dog30371 146th St NW