Lost Pets List

Date LostDescriptionAnimal TypeLocation Lost
9/12/22Old English sheep dog, black/white, male, blue collarDogSand Dunes Camping Area
9/12/22Australian Shepherd, male, white, no collar/tags, named "Bear"Dog28513 120th St
9/12/22Pitbull/Boxer mix, male, no collar/tags, named "Axel"Dog28513 120th St
9/9/22Cat, obese, named "Buddy"Cat18684 Lander Dr NW
9/7/22Golden Retriever, male, tags, named "Wragley"Dog21953 County Road 5
9/4/22Shih Tzu, white w/tan spots, no collar, named "Booboo"DogWalmart in Elk River
9/1/22Chihuahua, black/white, no tags/collar, named "Demi"Dog15743 127th St SE
8/28/22Cat, orange/white, female, blue/gold collar w/bell, microchipped, named "Ripley"Cat317 3rd St NW
8/28/22Black Lab, male, collar w/tagsDog1065 168th
8/27/22Swiss Shepherd, white, 100 lbsDog Ulysses St NW & 197th Ave NW
8/12/22Yellow Lab/Husky mix, female, no collarDog475 Donna Court
8/12/22Black Lab, male, red/white/blue collar, youngerDog475 Donna Court
8/3/22Great Dane, named "Rambo"Dog591 Park Ave
7/29/22Cat, tan/white, collar & tags, named "Birdie"Cat13914 196th Ave
7/16/22Husky, brown collar, named "Blue"Dog4600 Sterling Dr
7/15/22Mini horse, whiteHorse12208 97th St SE
7/4/22Chocolate Lab, female, rainbow collar w/pink tagDog23622 190th
7/1/22Boston Terrier, black/white, female, wearing collar, named "Penny"Dog29215 151st St
6/30/222 Horses, black & whiteHorse24880 146th
6/29/22Golden Retriever, male, no collar/tagsDog19375 Karen Lane
6/28/22Staffordshire Terrier, female, brown/brindle, purple collar, no tags, microchippedDog14170 255th Ave NW
6/28/2216 sheep & lambsSheep16035 201st Ave NW
6/26/22Golden Lab & a Black/White TerrierDog20211 Auburn
6/20/22Pyrenees, buff colored, no collarDog28727 149th
6/20/222 cows, black & white HerefordsCow9787 185th Ave
6/18/222 HuskiesDog19619 Ironton Circle
6/17/22Cat, black, male, domestic shorthair, no front claws, neutered, grey ears & belly, named "Jackie"Cat12550 Pond View Road
6/16/22Black Lab, male, green harnessDog11319 192nd
6/13/22Calf, black angus, smallCow14930 57th St
6/12/22Chesapeake Bay Retriever, male, black collar, no tags, named "Luke"Dog25297 Tiger St
6/7/22Lab mix, black/white, female, no collar, named "Holly"Dog20211 Auburn St NW
6/7/22Yellow Lab/Bloodhound mix, shock collar, teal collar, named "Ruby"Dog20211 Auburn St NW
5/31/22Pitbull, black w/white chest, male, teal collar, no tags, microchippedDog15550 197th Ave NW
5/28/22Two Golden Doodles, female, no collars, named "Petunia" and "Peaches"Dog289th Ave & 128th St
5/25/22Brittney Spaniel mix, brown/white, orange collarDog18829 146th St
5/25/22German Shorthair, male, brown/white, no collarDog18829 146th St
5/24/22Shih Tzu, male, black/whiteDog12685 Fremont Ave
5/20/22Springer Spaniel, male, white/brown, no tag/collar, microchipped, named "Gunnar"Dog12911 302nd Ave
5/20/22Two Basset hounds, one is microchipped and other wearing collar with owner's infoDog21808 County Road 15
5/16/22English Mastiff, female, black, collar & tags, named "Naveah"Dog10288 248th Ave NW
5/16/22Golden Retriever, white, collar & tags, named "Sammy"Dog10288 248th Ave NW
5/15/22Pitbull, white w/black eye patchDog14989 281st Ave
5/13/22Cat, male, black/brown, no collar/microchip, named "Ziggy"Dog11143 194th Ct
5/12/22Spaniel, black/white, collar, no tagsDog402 Polk St
5/1/22White/Yellow Lab, female, shock collar, named "Pixel"Dog14446 316th Ave
5/1/22Black Lab, female, shock collar, named "Luna"Dog14446 316th Ave
4/29/22Black Lab, male, white collarDog11162 97th St
4/29/22Husky, white/red, male, one blue & one brown eye, blue harness, named "Micai"Dog29511 Hwy 169
4/29/22Akita, female, black/white, no collarDog10807 184th Ct
4/27/22Border Collie, black/white, black/red collar, named "Lucas"Dog14495 187th Ave NW
4/27/22German Shorthair, white/brown, orange collarDog10570 Greenview Road
4/21/222 puppies - 1 medium brindle color, 1 small greyDogHwy 169 & 497th
4/6/22Great Pyrenees, white, wearing a shock collarDog4647 175th