Lost Pets List

Date LostDescriptionAnimal TypeLocation Lost
9/23/20Cat, female, black w/orange markingsCat374 Baldwin Ave NW
9/22/20Lab/Husky mix, white, female, wearing pink collar w/ tagDog650 Forest Road
9/19/20Hound mix, male, neutered, black collar w/tagsDog15423 216th Ave NW
9/19/20White Lab, male, wearing shock collar, named "Leo"Dog12823 289th Ave NW
9/14/20Border Collie/Blue Heeler mix, black/brown, no collar/tags/chip, named "Angus"Dog14635 301st Ave
9/12/20Cat, male, grey w/brown on back, declawed, no collar/tags, named "Kitty"Cat22382 Tipton St
9/9/20Great Pyrenees, male, no collar/tagsDog30383 Baugh St
9/7/20Cat, orange tabby, femaleCat12814 8th Ave N
9/2/20Cat, short hair, black w/white on chest/neck, no collar/tagsCat554 Jefferson Lane
9/1/20Calico cat, black/brown, wearing pink collar w/tagsCat18716 Traverse Lane
8/24/20Cat, male, grey/black, no collar/tagsCat26595 10th St W
8/18/20Terrier, brindle/white, blue collarDog25145 112th St NW
8/18/20Border Collie Retriever, wearing black electric collarDog20100 170th
8/16/20Husky mix, grey/white, no collarDog11494 201st St NW
8/13/20Pit bull/American bulldog mix, male, grey w/white on neck, no collar/tagsDog1111 4th St NW
8/11/20Chocolate Lab, male, orange collar w/tags, named "Chevy"Dog30613 105th St
8/5/20Shepherd Mix, female, small, wearing teal/grey collar, no tags, no chip, named "Pepper"Dog340 Pleasant Ave
8/3/20Yellow Lab, male, orange collarDog11271 Abby
8/2/20Bulldog, female, brown/white, named "Lucy"Dog12010 243rd Ave NW
8/2/20Calico catCatOrono Park
7/29/20German Shepherd, female, pink or green collar w/tagsDog10635 56 1/2
7/29/20Cat, black/white spottedCat543 5th St
7/29/20Black Lab, femaleDog31232 127th
7/24/20Chocolate Lab, not fixed, red collar, white patch on checkDog13502 Sunset Dr SE
7/23/20Cat, male, grey/whiteCat1845 Wand Ave
7/21/204 GoatsGoatBig Lake Township
7/21/20Cat, male, grey & white, no collar, named "Aspen"Cat26285 6th St W
7/20/20Cat, orange w/white belly and paws & black spot on head, flee collar, chipped, named "Cheddar"Cat19441 Denver St NE
7/18/20Tabby cat, orange, femaleCat13260 180th Ave NW
7/17/20Boxer, female, brindle w/white markingsDog17389 123rd St SE
7/15/20Shih-Tzu, cream w/grey in middle of back, possibly wearing a collarDogOrono Dam in Elk River
7/12/20Lhasa-Apso/Poodle mix, male, black/white w/white chest & pawsDog3226 321st St (Benton County)
7/12/20Lab/Collie mix, teal collar w/red heart tag & blue dog bone tagDog8765 176th Ave NW (Anoka County)
7/8/20Black Lab, puppy, pink/white collar w/tagsDog1762 Grace Dr
7/7/20Standard Poodle, black, grey/white striped collar with a flower on itDog1041 Wall St
7/7/20Shih Tzu, chipped, no collar/tags, named "Cowboy"Dog28299 144th St NW
7/7/20Dog, female, brown/black w/large ears, pink collar, named "Zoe"Dog285th Avenue
7/6/20Maine Coon cat, male, white belly & paws, no collar/tagsCat11098 195th
7/3/20German Shorthair, maleDog11619 59th Court SE
6/19/20Black Lab, 7 years old, no collar/tags, named "Peter"Dog14037 185th Ave NW
6/16/20Shepherd/Husky mix, black/white, multicolored collar w/tagsDog13619 91st St SE
6/9/20Border Collie, black/white, 3 months old, no collar/tags/chip, named "Buddy"Dog31849 147th St NW
6/4/20Yorkshire Terrier, grey/white, blue collarDog9209 125th Ave SE
6/2/20Yellow Lab, female, no collar/tags, skinny, limping, named "Lilly"Dog9520 Ogden Ave NE (Otsego)
5/29/20Husky, male, blue collarDog12910 5th Ave
5/27/20German ShepherdDog5016 Bluff Rd