Found Pets List

Date FoundDescriptionAnimal TypeLocation Found
2/11/20Yellow LabDog16616 12th St SE
2/3/20Yellow Lab, no collar/tagsDog13057 9th Ave N
2/3/20Yellow Lab, male, not neutered, black collarDog31604 184th St NW
1/30/20Terrier mix, male, neutered, brindle brownDog15423 216th Ave NW
1/26/20Springer Spaniel mix, orange collar w/rabies tagDog1746 Grace Dr
1/23/20Yellow Lab, male, no tags, wearing a camo collarDog3681 County Road 8 SE
1/21/20Yellow Lab, blue collarDogCounty Road 8 & 52
1/21/202 large breed short-haired Pit Bull mix
Dog503 Jackson St
1/20/20Yellow Lab, maleDog172nd and 319th
1/11/20Golden Lab, male, black collar, Danfield Pet Hospital tagsDog17723 228th Ave NW
1/10/20German Shepherd, male, no collar/tagsDog14740 262nd Ave NW
1/8/20German Short Haired Pointer, female, black collar, no tagsDog28347 112th St
1/6/20Blue Heeler, male, no collar/tagsDog13962 4th Ave N
1/1/20Beagle, female, electronic collar, no tagsDog13923 10th Ave S
12/30/19Black Lab with gray face, female, floral/plaid purple/pink collar, named "Bella"Dog13100 180th Ave NW
12/29/19Yellow Lab, female, two collars, no tagsDog26606 Lake Ave
12/23/19Pit Bull, white/tanDogHighway 169 & County Road 4
12/21/19Chocolate Lab, wearing red collar and black training collarDog14380 183rd Ave
11/30/19Husky DogSpeedway on Zane in Elk River
11/29/19German Wirehair, female, wearing a collar w/rabies tag with Princeton vet numberDogCounty Road 42 & 141st
11/27/19Black Lab, wearing black collar, maleDogHighway 10 & Lake Street
11/26/19Small black dog w/white spots & brown face, no collar/tagsDog16374 258th Ave NW
11/26/19German Wirehair, black, wearing orange collar, no tagsDog16374 258th Ave NW
11/25/19White kitten, 5-6 months old with claws, litter box trainedCatNear Blue Lake boat landing
11/19/19Border Collie, male, wearing vest, no collarDogJerry’s Auto Salvage
11/17/19Male, older dog, yellow/reddish color, orange collarDog14760 281st Ave NW
11/12/19Hound-type dog, male, orange collar, no tagsDogPerkins in Elk River
11/8/19Horse, tanHorse13700 Block of County Road 3
11/7/19German Shepherd mixDog1100 Kilbirnie Road
11/3/19German Shepherd, collar, no tags, hip issuesDog17762 97th St SE
10/27/19Pit bull, female, dark grey with white, black collar, white striped ID tag w/silver paw on itDog578 Tipton Ave NW
10/27/19Black Lab mix, male, wearing camo collarDog1745 Tipton Circle NW
10/25/19Black LabDog13530 214th Lane
10/22/19Golden Shepherd, female, no collar/tagsDog4635 Sterling Dr
10/19/19Corgi/Chihuahua mix, wearing a camo collarDog17050 242nd Ave
10/17/19German Shepherd, female, black collarDog9880 173rd Ave SE
10/13/19Yellow Lab, male, no collarDog24469 143rd StNW
10/11/19Brown terrier w/tag, named "Lola"DogHighway 10 & County Road 50
10/10/19Red/Yellow Lab, male, red collarDog277th & 146th
10/10/19Husky or Malamute, male, no collar/tags/chipDog23191 146th St NW
10/6/19Yellow Lab, male, wearing red Kong collarDogCounty Road 1 near Little Elk Lake
10/5/19Blue Heeler, male, wearing black camo collar, no tagsDog14814 Hillcrest Road
10/4/19Cat, black/white, no collar/tagsCat12510 195th Circle NW
10/1/19Cat, Tabby, young male, no collarCat5122 Edinburgh Alcove
9/29/19Pit Bull, female, black, wearing red/blue collarDog131 Lee St
9/29/19Husky, male, black/white/grey, wearing a blue collar and possibly a shock collar, named "Kodi"Dog13346 311th Ave NW
9/24/19Tabby cat, orange striped w/white chest, wearing a flea collarCat11720 300th Ave NW
9/20/19Boxer or Pit bull mix, female, choker collar, some gray on snoutDogNear Upland and 8th
9/19/19German Wirehair Pointer, no tags, wearing two orange collars (one is a shock collar)Dog12072 Jameson St SE
9/18/19Lab/Setter mix, all black w/white spot on chest, small orange leash hanging from collarDog19683 Auburn Circle
9/16/19Husky/Shepherd mix, male, 1 blue & 1 brown eye, wearing bark collarDog5043 Mitchell Road
9/16/19Beagle/Basset Hound, male, brown/white/black, wearing a black collar & grey sweaterDog25945 16th St W
9/16/19German Shorthair Point, "Doug Kirk" is on name tagDog709 Main St (Daddy-O’s)
9/15/19Pit Bull, tan/brown, no collar/tagsDog22020 169th St
9/13/19Yellow Lab, male, no collarDog14334 316th Ave
9/13/19German Shepherd, black/tanDog25859 11st St W
9/9/19Goat, black, femaleGoat29376 156th St
9/8/19Dog, male, brindle colored, orange collar, no tabsDogEagle Lake Road and Grace Drive
9/4/192 Pit bulls, no tags, one mauve in color, one brown & whiteDog18513 29th Ave
9/3/19Dog, male, large, white, collar w/rabies tagDog13004 277th Ave
9/1/19Dog, black, small, no collar, possibly blindDog3514 150th Ave
8/29/19Kitten, 6-9 months old, white/orange, no collar/tagsCat827 Harrison Dr
8/31/19Dog, male, black & white spotted, wearing a camo collarDogSand Dune Spirits
8/21/19Boston Terrier, male, black & white, wearing a grey collarDog20322 Auburn St
8/20/19Chihuahua, tan, female, wearing a harness, no tagsDog12725 Edgewood St
8/19/192 dogs, both Pit Bull/Boxer mix, wearing collarsDog106 Euclid
8/17/192 dogs, one younger yellow male Lab wearing an orange collar and one older brown female Lab without a collarDogCounty Road 5 and County Road 3
8/17/192 dogs, one white and black dog wearing a red collar and one black Lab wearing a black collar DogHighway 10 & Industrial Blvd.
8/14/19Dog, male, medium dark golden colar mix, no collar or tagsDog13217 9th Ave S
8/11/19Dog, large, brindle color, no collarDog13349 182nd Lane N
8/11/19Basset Hound, black/white/brown, no collarDog761 Glenwood Ave E
8/1/19German Shepherd, female, black, wearing an orange collar, no tagsDog14331 189th Lane