Found Pets List

Date FoundDescriptionAnimal TypeLocation Found
10/13/18Brown/white pit bull & tan pit bull with white collarDog210 Martin Ave
Big Lake
10/11/18Grey female Schnauzer, med sized, no collar or tagsDog112th St/CR 39
Baldwin Twsp
10/11/18Small yellow dog and black lab with tan/grey collar
Dog120th St/269th Ave
10/6/18Beagle. Approx 25 lbs. Pink collar.
DogCR 4/180th St
10/4/18Terrier dog, brown with black. Black collar, no tags.
Dog11545 306th Ave Baldwin Twsp

Black lab -- no collar, male

Dog24268 169th St NW
10/1/ lab mix

8545 Main Ave
Clear Lake

10/1/18Brown w/black female mixed-breed dog wearing a chain collar. No tags.
Dog578 Dodge Ave

Black lab mix with tan on front paws. No collar. 


19236 Lowell Ave NW (Ralphies)

9/28/181 possible female brown Lab and 1 small possible Yorkie mix. Collars with no tags
Dog14220 Club House Lane