Found Pets List

Date FoundDescriptionAnimal TypeLocation Found
9/10/22Dog, white w/brown ears & spots on back, red collarDog12213 Willow St
9/10/22Lab mix, red collarDog12213 Willow St
9/7/22Poodle mix, white, flea/tick collar, femaleDogZ Market in Zimmerman
9/3/22Yellow Lab, green Top Paw brand collar, no tagsDog18772 Smith Dr
9/3/22Beagle, male, remote collar, no tags Dog15161 319th Ave
9/3/22Golden Retriever, male, remote collar, no tagsDog15161 319th Ave
9/2/22Yellow Lab, faded camo collarDog209th Ave/152nd Street
8/30/22Mini Corgie, femaleDog18878 Earl Rd
8/30/22Poodle, female, caramel colorDog18878 Earl Rd
8/19/22Pug, plastic collarDogCounty Road 11 & 169th Ave SE
8/19/22Yellow Lab, male, purple/orange/white collarDog19071 Johnson St NW
8/18/22Gordon Setter, long hair, black & brown, no collar/tagsDog68th St SE
8/12/22Black Lab, orange collarDog6329 165th Ave SE
8/11/22Lab/Pit Bull mix, female, floral collar, no tagsDog540 Park Ave
7/23/22Cat, black, declawed, no collar/tagsCat19359 Upland St
7/19/22Two Huskies, 1 wearing tan/white collar, no tagsDog13243 Bradley Blvd
7/5/22Shih Tzu, white, no collar/tagsDog9575 184th Ave SE
6/27/22German Shepherd, female, red collarDog30903 US Hwy 169
6/27/22Tabby cat & kitten, gray, no collarsCat29612 104th St NW
6/27/22Shih Tzu, black/white, no collar/tagsDog578 Marcia Dr
6/25/22Husky mix, brindle coloredDogWildlife Refuge
6/23/22Pit Bull mix, female, brindle colored w/pointy earsDog15767 County Road 35
6/21/22Pug, female, cream colored, no collarDog669 Lake St N
6/19/22German Shorthair/Lab mix, male, no collar/tagsDog16217 70th St SE
6/17/22Dog, male, black curly hair, medium sized, green collar, no tagsDog5310 Mitchell Ridge Dr
6/14/22Boxer mix, orange collarDogHancock/Sherburne in Becker
6/12/22Dog, brown/white w/blue eyes, collar, no tagsDog22577 147th St NW
6/10/22Chocolate Lab, no collar/tagsDog13172 179th Ct NW
6/9/22Pit Bull/Chow mix, dark grey, no collar/tagsDog4765 Sterling Dr
6/9/22Dog, small, black/white, no collar/tagsDog14350 107th Ave SE
6/3/22Dog, orange/white, medium sized, collarDogCounty Road 43 & 229th
6/2/22Lab mix, tan/white, blindDogHwy 10 & Proctor Road
6/1/22Cavachon, female, white/tan, no collarDog102 Kilbirnie Road
5/31/22Shih Tzu, no collar/tags, possibly blind in one eyeDog12438 Ridgewood Dr NW
5/28/22Yorkie, female, pink collarDog97th & 165th Ave SE
5/28/22Chihuahua, male, black/white, black collarDog25891 22nd St W
5/26/22Shepherd/Pit Bull mix, grey/black brindle, camo collarDogKwik Trip in Big Lake
5/26/22Chocolate Lab, camo collarDogKwik Trip in Big Lake
5/16/22Yorkshire Terrier, black, hot pink collar, possibly blind/deafDog18928 Earl Road
5/13/22Pug, brindle w/white chest & tail, male, no collar/tagsDog15860 228th
5/12/22Shih Tzu, white/brown, black harnessDog146 Addison Way
5/12/22Rottweiler (possibly), black/white, female, collar w/yellow tag, named "Caia"DogSpectrum 6th Grade School
5/11/22Shih Tzu, white/light brown, no collar/tagsDog193rd & Highway 169
5/11/22Labradoodle, wearing harness and leashDogOn The Run in Big Lake
5/9/22Pointer mix, brown, orange collarDog11231 Diane Ave
5/9/22Black Lab, camo collarDog11231 Diane Ave
5/9/22Poodle/Bichon type dog, white, smallDog165th & 57th
5/5/22Pit Bull/Boxer mix, puppy, male, rainbow collar, no tagsDog101 Mount Curve
5/5/22Cat, White w/brown patches, medium length hair, no collar/tagsCat14868 200th Ave
4/26/22Black Lab, female, camo collar, no tagsDog8601 River Road
4/25/22Golden Lab, no collarDog4600 Sterling Dr
4/22/222 Chocolate Lab/Pitbull mix puppies, orange/camo collarDogRiverwood Bank in Big Lake
4/21/22Dog, large, white & shaggy, blue collar w/leash, no tagsDog13004 277th Ave NW
4/16/22Schnauzer-type, collar, named "Lucky"Dog18233 Ogden St
4/15/22Golden Doodle puppy, blue collar w/bones on it, no tagsDog26528 112th St NW
4/11/22Two Terrier mix dogs, no collars/tagsDog28774 151st
4/9/22Puppy, possibly Springer, brown/white, no tagsDog21340 Vernon St NW
4/9/22Maltese or Shih Tzu, no collar/tagsDogZylstra Harley Davidson
4/4/22Cat, orange striped w/white belly & paws, no collarCat26267 9th St W
4/2/22Cat, mostly white, no collar/tagsCat13050 180th Court