Found Pets List

Date FoundDescriptionAnimal TypeLocation Found
7/8/19PeacockBird29641 139th St NW
7/7/19Dog, medium sized, red/brown/white in color, 30-40 lbsDog13004 277th Ave NW
7/2/19Toy Poodle mix, 2 collars, named "Honey Boo"Dog14173 Balsam Blvd
6/29/19Black/brown Lab, grey muzzle, collar, no tagsDog21600 County Road 5
6/28/19Black Lab, small, male, collar w/bones on it, rabies tagDog488 Shannon Dr
6/26/19Pit Bull mix, male, black/white, collarDog15860 228th Ave NW
6/25/19Springer, male, shock collar, tagsDogHoliday in Zimmerman
6/24/19Pit Bull-type, female, brown/brindle in color, no collar or tagsDogBeaudry Express in Elk River
6/24/19Chicken, whiteChicken14050 Willow Blvd
6/21/19Dog, smaller female, black and mixed colors, wearing a red collar w/no tagsDog24283 143rd St
6/18/19Medium sized dog, golden, wearing collar w/tags but no numbersDog26279 111th Ave
6/18/19Yellow Lab & brown/white cow dog with a red bandanaDog4982 Mitchell Road
6/17/19Donkey, whiteDonkey22200 County Road 43
6/17/19Pit Bull, male, wearing a black collarDog1313 Main St
6/16/19Pit Bull mix, female, no ID, chainDog633 Main St
6/15/19Cocker Spaniel, medium brown w/some white, black collar and grey/tan collarDog10225 299th Ave
6/13/19Hound, male, tri-color, wearing a green collarDog10788 185th Ave SE
6/12/19Shepherd mix, pink collar, one brown eye and one blue eyeDog1837 8th St NW
6/11/19Cat, orange/cream colored, no collarCat20834 Lander Ct
6/7/19Beagle, black collar w/bonesDog18924 Baldwin Ave
6/6/19Husky, black & whiteDog15298 296th Ave
6/4/19Black Lab, female, red collarDog30115 136th St NW
6/4/19Golden Retriever, female, olderDog838 Irving Ave
6/1/19Border Collie, shaved body, brown leather collar with beads, Barrington Oaks tagsDog10669 258th Ave
6/1/19Dog, black & white speckledDogBeck's Pub
6/1/19Golden RetrieverDogBeck's Pub
5/29/19Basset Hound, male, olderDog18191 Concord Circle
5/29/19Black Lab, male, olderDog11800 196th Ave
5/27/193 pigs - 1 black, 1 white, 1 pot-belliedPig28435 149th St NW
5/21/19Black Lab, wearing a camo collar and PetSmart shock collar, no tagsDogCR 11/173rd Ave
5/20/19Small brown dog (possibly a Dachshund), wearing a teal collarDog701 Main St
5/18/19Black Lab, male, no collar/tagsDog21698 Sandbar Lane
5/17/19Small brown dog w/harnessDog171 Forest Road
5/17/19Black Lab, female, wearing a choke collar w/Big Lake vet tagsDog4600 Teal St
5/14/19Possibly a Great Dane/Weimaraner mix, grayDog18843 224th Ave NW
5/11/19Husky mix, wearing a faded red collar w/Princeton vet tagsDog226 Xenia Ave
5/10/19Black Lab, male, wearing an orange collarDog97th St/194th Court
5/6/19Yellow Lab, wearing blue camo collar & an orange collar, no tagsDogPalmer Township Hall
5/8/19Husky, black/white, male, no collar/tagsDog233rd/146th
5/6/19Cat, black/brown/white, no collar/tagsCat18023 Joplin St
5/5/19Pit Bull cross mix, wearing collarDog5607 Loon Dr
5/1/19Golden Retriever mix, female, wearing a few collarsDog4850 Drake Circle
4/30/19Poodle, black w/white spotDogSherburne/Central
4/27/19Black Lab, male, no collarDog957 Main St
4/23/19Small black dog w/white chin, pointed nose, no collarDog13045 2nd Ave S
4/22/19Golden Lab, female, blue collar, no tagsDog
4/21/19Lab, female, orange shock collar & tan leather collarDogCR 4 & 136th
4/21/19Lab, male, black shock collar & tan leather collarDogCR 4 & 136th
4/20/19Beagle, male, black collar w/white bones on itDog25924 14th St W
4/16/19Yellow Lab, male, no collar/tagsDog24820 117th St
4/9/19Samoyed/snow dog, female, wearing collar
Dog9657 178th Ave NW
4/9/19Pit Bull/Boxer type, black & white, Invisible fence collar, no tagsDog12261 44th Ave
4/8/19Pit Bull, female, white w/brown spots around eyes, pink collar & sweaterDog12601 Birch Ave
4/5/19Collie/Beagle mix, white & tan, male, red collar, 40 lbs.DogHwy 169 & 273rd near Freshwaters Church
4/4/19Two dogs, no collarsDogCR 11 & CR 48
4/4/192 Pit Bull mix, no collarsDogBecker
4/4/19Shih Tzu mix, tan, possibly blind/deaf, no collar/tagsDog10711 184th Ave NW
3/31/19Black lab, no collar/tagsDog17530 218th Ave
3/25/19Orange cat, maleCat20042 Delta St
3/23/19Pitbull mix, female, large chain, no collar/tagsDog14455 190th Ave NW
3/23/19Pitbull mix or Boxer w/rope still attachedDogNear Lakeside Park
3/21/19Pitbull, brindle color, female, no collar or tagsDogUS Hwy 10/Upland
3/17/19Male Golden Lab, wearing shock collarDog28128 144th St
3/16/19BulldogDog19022 Freeport St
3/12/19Black Lab, male, no collarDogUS Hwy 10/194th
3/8/19Beagle/Boxer mix or Pitbull mix, female, no collar, mostly tan with whiteDog379 Baldwin Ave
3/6/19Tabby kitten, male, no collar/tagsCatConcord/Denver
2/23/19Chocolate lab, female, Invisible Fencing collarDog26938 115th St NW
2/16/19Female terrier mix, grey, blue collar with bones on itDog31037 116th St NW
2/16/19Female terrier mix, white, grey collarDog31037 116th St NW
2/12/19Yellow lab, female, wearing blue collarDog12700 Rolling Ridge
2/1/19Young black & white kitten with long hairCat12979 82nd St SE
1/14/19Great Dane, grey w/black spots, shock collar, no tagsDog30882 146th St NW
1/9/19Black lab, male, no collar/tagsDog140 Eagle Lake Rd
1/4/19Black lab, male, collar, no tagsDog101 Mount Curve Ave
1/3/19Large breed dog w/chain choke collar, no tagsDog1005 Kilbirnie Rd
1/2/19Female, possibly retriever-type, no collar/tagsDog957 York Ave