Found Pets List

Date FoundDescriptionAnimal TypeLocation Found
4/24/21Dog, possibly German Shepherd/Lab mix, blackDogNear McDonald's in Big Lake
4/13/21Dog, black/white, wearing black collarDog18655 Cleveland St
4/7/21Dog, large, fuzzy, collar/tags that say "Eden Prairie"Dog103 6th St NW
4/6/21Black Lab, male, no collarDog10646 173rd Ave SE
3/26/21Cocker Spaniel puppy, brownDog19653 Ulysses St
3/26/21Black Lab, pink collarDog25112 184th
3/18/21Golden Lab, female, no collarDog170th & County Road 43
3/14/21Chocolate Lab, female, no collar/tagsDogCR 4/CR5 by Sandune Stop
3/3/21Newfoundland Lab mix, male, all black, shock collar, nylon camo collar, no tagsDog26336 7th St W
2/28/21Husky, female, no collar/tagDogElk Lake Rd/Meadowvale
2/21/21Husky, two different colored eyes, wearing harnessDog1170 Main St
2/21/21Husky, maleDog13691 210th Ave
1/28/21Black Lab, teal collarDog25922 10th St W
1/26/21Dog, short hair, black w/white paws & snout, green-collar w/rabies tagDogThe Pines Apts in Zimmerman
1/25/21Cat, female, grey/white/blackCat25570 184th St NW
1/21/21Yellow Lab, camo collarDog9948 313th Ave NW
1/20/21Chocolate Lab mix, male, grey collarDog18317 Fair Meadows Cir
1/19/21Beagle (possibly), pink collar w/bones on itDog141st St NW/140th St NW
1/15/21Chocolate Lab mix, orange collar, no tagsDog19038 236th Ave NW
1/4/21Shih Tzu, male, blue walking harnassDog14956 202nd Ave NW
12/31/20Australian Shepherd, male leather collarDog31057 98th St
12/28/20Tabby cat, female, black/tanCat20031 Pascal St
12/20/20Lab mix, female, dark brown, purple collarDog28038 144th St
12/18/20Horse, male, brown w/white spotsHorse17198 171st St
12/17/20Hound, male, tri-color, bark/shock collarDogBig Lake
12/15/20Black Lab, male, named "Pooka"Dog9839 261st Ave
12/14/20Pit Bull mix, blue collarDog518 Jackson Ave NW
12/11/20Dog, female, white & black, camo collarDog901 Eagle Lake Rd N
12/8/20Cat, female, black w/white paws & chestCat23976 181st St NW
12/8/20Springer, female, brown/white, peach collar, no tagsDog14218 308th Ave NW
12/1/20Two horses, brown, one wearing a tail bagHorse10908 237th Ave
11/28/20Brown Lab, female, brown collarDog20031 Pascal St NW
11/26/20Yellow LabDogViking Blvd & Twin Lakes Road
11/25/20Golden Retriever, male, blue collarDog32067 150th St NW
11/24/20Yellow Lab, female, green collar & black collarDog1193 61st Ave  SE
11/19/20Black Lab, male, older, no collarDog18039 Rawlins St NW
11/15/20Rottweiler-type dog, small puppyDog17151 Nixon St
11/15/20Lab-type dogDog4223 Loon Loop
11/13/20Pit Bull, brown/white, collar, named "Bella"DogGravel Pit in Elk River
11/11/20Black Lab, orange collar, no tagsDog25398 101st St NW
11/7/20Dog, male, no collar/tagDog574 Jefferson Lane
11/6/20Dog, female, cream colored w/black tipped ears, pink camo collar, black harness w/handleDog8814 57th St SE
11/5/20Cat, black, male, no collar/tagsCatSpeedway in Zimmerman
11/4/20Black Lab, female, white on chestDog209th Ave/Twin Lakes
11/2/20Cat, black/grey/brown, no collar/tagsCat14352 201st Ave NW
10/31/20Beagle and a small brown terrier mix, both wearing shock collarsDog28736 131st Ave NW
10/31/20German Shepherd mix, service dog, wearing collarDog19088 Meadow Lane
10/29/20Yellow Lab, no collar/tagsDog11190 Brenda Blvd
10/28/20Pitbull type dog, brownDog10444 172nd Lane
10/26/20Dalmatian, male, puppy, no collar Dog19991 214th Ave NW
10/20/20Pit Bull mix, brown, two collarsDog13143 Jefferson St
10/17/202 Huskies, vet tagsDog19348 Evans St NW
10/16/20Cat, orange tabby, male, no collar/tagsCat21274 207th St NW
10/15/20Dog, brown, wearing brown collarDog26883 117th St
10/12/20Dog, smaller breed terrier, male, no collarDog11090 187th Ave NW
10/10/20Chihuahua, white, no collar/tagsDogHighway 10/Babcock Park
10/8/20Calico cat, no collar/tags/chipCat1152 Kilbirnie Rd
10/7/20Chocolate Lab, w/brown accentsDog8633 123rd Ave SE
10/7/20Cat, yellow tabby, male, no collarCat9708 226th Ave
10/6/20Dog, male, white w/ black spots/ears, choke collar & chain, no tagsDog901 Eagle Lake Road N
10/2/20Dog, white, collar & bandana, named "Chauna"Dog28563 149th St NW
10/1/20Black LabDog164th/245th in Orrock
10/1/20Bull Dog, male, black/white, no collarDog19238 Yale St NW