2018 Completed Foreclosure Sales

DateMortgagorRedemption PeriodAddressCityPIDHigh BidderBid AmountAttorney
12/31/2018Emholtz, David & Leslie6 months10268 180th Ln NWElk River75-688-0332Deutsch Bank National Trust Company$336,853.83PFB Law
12/27/2018Rotramel, Reid & Charity6 months30080 149th St NWPrinceton15-449-0202JPMorgan Chase, NA$158,155.16Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
12/21/2018AttaBoy LLC6 months20020 177th St NWBig Lake65-505-0115The Bank of Elk River$732,263.30Eckberg Lammers PC
12/19/2018Utes, Debra & Jeffrey6 months28410 144th St NWZimmerman15-435-0110Citizen's Community Federal $281,400.00Shapiro & Zielke
12/19/2018Byars, Jason & Dawn5 weeks from date of sale13640 Island View DriveElk River75-638-6310Citizen's Community Federal$414,816.95Smith, Tollefson, Rahrick & Cass
12/13/2018Fox, Andrew6 months25897 12th St WZimmerman75-688-0332Pacific Union Financial, LLC$201,600.00Wilford, Geske & Cook
12/13/2018Boerger, Terrance & Janet6 months6130 16th Ave SESt. Cloud25-406-0040Deerwood Bank$72,697.35
Gray, Plant, Mooty
12/11/2018Zachow, Larry & AmmieRedeemed on 5/3/1911384 90th StClear Lake20-115-1106Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC$249,529.11Wilford, Geske & Cook
12/4/2018Pemberton, Theron6 months12151 77th StClear Lake05-311-1210First Guaranty Mortgage Corp.$228,480.00Wilford, Geske & Cook
12/3/2018Schiebel, Amanda5 weeks26337 Terrace DrZimmerman95-414-0320Penny Mac Loan Services$105,246.12Wilford, Geske & Cook
11/29/2018Paulson, Karen6 months19478 Dodge St NWElk River75-771-0125Land Home Financial Services$213,487.00Wilford, Geske & Cook
11/27/2018Perry, Kelly & Ross12 months28513 127th St NWZimmerman01-028-3218Wings Financial Credit  Union$14,393.72Tiede Grabarski, PLLC
11/15/2018Watson, Andrew P.6 months13112 13th Ave NZimmerman95-460-0205Wells Fargo Bank, NA$112,556.41The Academy Law Group
11/15/18Bakken, Steven JRedeemed on 3/26/1928342 100th St NWZimmerman01-407-0255Wells Fargo Bank, NA$71,677.48Shapiro & Zielke
11/6/2018McGowen, Robert & Rebecca2 monthsXXX 172nd St NWBig Lake65-543-0010North American Banking Co.$1,274,948.10Winthrop & Weinstine, PA
11/1/2018Erb, Robert & Nancy6 months4743 Sterling DrBig Lake65-511-0439Specialized Loan Servicing, LLC$176,300.00Shapiro & Zielke
10/25/2018Kemp, Charles12 months10497 301st AVe NWPrinceton01-509-0120Wedel Home Services, Inc.$103,741.80Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
10/23/2018Ivers Donald & Pamela6 months13213 293rd AvePrinceton01-029-2105 & 2115Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.$240,659.68Wilford, Geske & Cook
10/23/2018Paine, ShawnRedeemed on 4/23/194772 Blanding CtBig Lake65-481-0728Pacific Union Financial LLC$138,505.52Wilford, Geske & Cook
10/18/2018O'Connell, Irene6 months12158 197th CtElk River75-699-0125Nationstar Mortgage$210,888.00Shapiro & Zielke
10/9/2018Elsenpeter, Leslie & Jackson, SandraRedeemed on 4/8/1926508 146th St NWZimmerman35-012-1321JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA$155,152.94Shapiro & Zielke
10/4/2018Hauan, Allen A6 months340 Pleasant AveBig Lake65-410-0273U.S. Government Rural Housing Services$100,544.00THR Rural Housing Service
10/3/2018Hibb Properties LLCRedeemed on 4/9/191606 10th St SPrinceton90-401-0140Sherburne State Bank$208,227.34Gray, Plant, Mooty
10/2/2018Kennedy, Daniel J6 months12691 1st Ave SZimmerman95-404-0230U.S. Bank Trust NA$112,877.77The Sayer Law Group
10/2/2018Martin, Eugene  J6 months12789 299th Ave NWPrinceton01-539-0105Nationstar LLC DBA Champion Mortgage$185,000.00Wilford, Geske & Cook
9/13/2018Norton, Korrine6 months923 9th Ave SESt. Cloud85-401-5220Matrix Financial Services Corp$70,500.00Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
9/13/2018Baumgarten, Paul & Kristi6 months19144 Johnson StElk River75-839-0145Lakeview Loan Servicing$243,600.00Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
9/4/2018Meyer, Derrick ARedeemed by owner5030 Mitchell RoadBig Lake65-484-0405Pacific Union Financial$149,916.77Wilford, Geske & Cooke
8/27/2018Oehrlein, Robert & HeatherRedeemed on 11/1/181116 11th Ave SESt. Cloud85-402-9445Owner$62,246.10Shapiro & Zielke
8/23/2018Ballard, Tiffany & Thomas, Brian6 months1710 13th Ave SESt. Cloud85-410-0338Freedom Mortgage Corp.$156,800.00Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
8/23/2018Thiery, Chassen J.Redeemed on 2/7/1921090 Lander St NWElk River75-673-0505Wells Fargo Bank, NA$302,966.40The Academy Law Group
8/21/2018Grostad, AndrewRedeemed 12/10/1817117 Monroe Ct NWElk River75-719-2104Wood at Elk River Station Assoc.$7,100.35Carlson & Associates, Ltd.
8/21/2018Wilbur, Robert & ReneeRedeemed by owner12551 Pond View RdZimmerman95-459-0244Creative Real Estate$7,262.77Thomas P Carlson, Atty
8/16/2018Malzaac, PamelaRedeemed by owner14347 285th Ave NWZimmerman01-404-0301The Bank of New York Mellon$16,573.44Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
8/14/2018Krueger, KristopherRedeemed by owner10733 256th Ave NWZimmerman30-476-0135Pacific Union Financial, LLC$308,964.05Wilford, Geske & Cook
8/9/2018Freichels, Christine M.6 months22397 County Road 75Big Lake10-454-0105U.S. Bank, NA$122,520.76Shapiro & Zielke
8/9/2018Johnson, Andrew J.Redeemed 11/19/1827606 116th St NWZimmerman30-003-2100By Owner$135,491.74Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
8/7/2018Braun, Frederick & DorisRedeemed 11/16/1818796 224th AveBig Lake10-401-1110By Owner$113,278.14Wilford, Geske & Cook
8/2/2018Johnson, Schawn & Kelly6 months18610 Queen St NWElk River75-623-0502Nationstar Mortgage$114,457.85Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
7/31/2018Ford, NicholasRedeemed by owner12781 8th Ave SZimmerman95-452-0104Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC$110,392.34Wilford, Geske & Cook
7/24/2018Harmon, Lois E6 months11253 Laura CircleBecker60-455-0425Kraus Properties LLC$104,128.77Wilford, Geske & Cook
7/20/2018Karst, Bruce and Alissa5 weeks30937 141st St SWPrinceton01-520-0340State Farm Bank FSB$216,400PFB Law
7/19/2018Pehlke, Mark ARedeemed on 10/26/1814647 284th Ave NWZimmerman15-402-0430Deutsche Bank National Trust Co$54.407.75Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
7/17/2018Stokes, Alden W.Redeemed on 8/23/1817930 Naples St NWElk River75-478-0270Creative Real Estate$112,497.02Wilford, Geske & Cook
6/26/2018Olsson, Erik and Melissa (2nd mortgage)6 months12513 37th St SEClear Lake40-024-2201First National Bank & Trust$88,000.00Vogel Law Firm
6/26/2018Cooper, BusterRedeemed on 10/30/1810247 180th Lane NWElk River75-688-0104By Owner$221,313.94Wilford, Geske & Cook
6/25/2018Alapsa NKA Gohman, Beth & Gohman, Dennis12 months160 Powell CircleBig Lake65-443-0708Wilmington Savings Fun Society FSB$180,645.17Randall S Miller & Associates
6/21/2018Pasche, Connie & Fred12 months14612 289th Ave NWZimmerman15-025-1300Federal National Mortgage Association$176,375.59Shapiro & Zielke
6/21/2018Wetterhahn Jr, WayneRedeemed on 8/23/1813612 9th Ave SZimmerman95-450-0602Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC$173,655.27Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
6/14/2018Olsson, Erik and Melissa6 months12513 37th St SEClear Lake40-024-2201First National Bank & Trust$137,408.00The Academy Law Group
6/12/2018Porter, Eugene & Patricia6 months25355 189th St NWBig Lake35-018-3401Nationstar Mortgage$238,933.00Shapiro & Zielke
6/7/2018Ford, NicholasRedeemed by owner12781 8th Ave SZimmerman95-452-0104Southside Villas$6,111.41Carlson & Associates, Ltd.
6/7/2018Gavin, William P. & Flora J.6 months13925 97th St SEBecker05-456-0110U.S. Bank, NA$220,910.80Randall S Miller & Associates
6/7/2018Salmonson, Jodi & Jade6 months29844 152nd St NWZimmerman15-024-2302Bank of New York Mellon$188,000.00Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
6/7/2018Jacobson, Michael A.6 months17147 Monroe Court NWElk River75-719-2101JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA$130,265.61Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
5/30/2018McInnes, Scott and Ruth6 months32273 124th St NWPrinceton01-004-1320Woodlands National Bank$211,692.77GDO Law
5/29/2018Frahm, Karen and Lumm, Tadd6 months25765 10th St. WZimmerman95-434-0105Wells Fargo Bank, NA$106,501.16The Academy Law Group
5/29/2018Kringler, Jeremy and Amy6 months11162 Olympia Ave SEBecker60-460-0130Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC$191,634.00Usset, Weingarden  & Liebo
5/17/2018Larsen, Louise F6 months542 Eagle Lake Road SouthBig Lake65-523-0135U.S. Bank, NA$212,630.36Randall S Miller & Associates
5/10/2018Woolhouse, Robert E & Shannon K.6 months13197 Ivy St SEBecker60-458-0840U.S. Bank, NA$244,000.00Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
5/10/2018Lizama, Lucinda M. & Juan Eduardo6 months11950 Hickory StZimmerman95-413-0965 & 95-413-0960U.S. Bank, NA$174,369.87Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
4/26/2018Potter, Daniel and RainaRedeemed by owner17614 124th St S EBecker05-505-0212First Minnesota Bank$233,027.99Gries, Lenhardt, Allen, PLLP
4/26/2018Kleist, KevinRedeemed by owner16887 229th Ave NWBig Lake10-470-0140HSBC Bank USA$200,490.52PFB Law
4/25/2018Moore, Scott E6 months19418 Elgin Ct NWElk River75-553-0142PHH Mortgage Corp$241,700.00Shapiro & Zielke
4/20/2018Shutrop, Joshua Thomas & Nikki AnnRedeemed by Owner16844 110th St SEBecker05-503-0135Wells Fargo Bank, NA$119,067.51Shapiro & Zielke
4/20/2018Miske, JasonRedeemed by Owner12937 8th Ave SZimmerman95-455-0254JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA$165,600.00Shapiro & Zielke
4/17/2018Lofgren, Janet L.6 months28613 143rd St NWZimmerman01-404-0730Nationstar Mortgage$55,151.00Shapiro & Zielke
4/12/2018Heyen, Michael and Jaclyn6 months26254 3rd Street WZimmerman95-446-0210USDA$94,305.00USDA
4/11/2018Myers, Mary J.6 months11866 192nd Ave NorthwestElk River75-428-0252U.S. Bank, NA$113,438.43Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
4/10/2018Mix, Nathaniel and Tiffani6 months9685 173rd Ave SEBecker05-115-4407Pacific Union Financial, LLC.$235,200.00Randall S Miller & Associates
4/10/2018Orton, David and Heather6 months19442 Zane St. NWElk River75-675-0105U.S. Bank, NA$322,743.00Shapiro & Zielke
4/10/2018Cermak, James and Giulia6 months4655 Sterling Dr.Big Lake65-491-0615JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA$190,793.50Shapiro & Zielke
4/2/2018Funk, JosephRedeemed 05/25/1818385 118th St. SEBig Lake05-502-0320Amerihome Mortgage Co, LLC$230,160.00Shapiro & Zielke
3/29/2018Rick, AmandaRedeemed by Owner on 6/28/1814861 33rd St SEClear Lake45-405-0110Wells Fargo Bank, NA$121,579.07The Academy Law Group
3/28/2018Taylor, Ben and Stephanie6 months13137 Eagle Ct NWZimmerman01-472-0910PennyMac Holdings LLC$195,000.00Shapiro & Zielke
3/22/2018Moorhouse, Bernadine N.6 months8690 Main AvenueClear Lake70-404-0110Granite Community Bank$44,713.93Gray, Plant, Mooty
3/22/2018Moorhouse, Bernadine N.6 months9174 115th Avenue SEClear Lake20-419-0170Granite Community Bank$102,212.95Gray, Plant, Mooty
3/22/2018Moorhouse, Bernadine N.6 months8705 Church CircleClear Lake70-407-0130Granite Community Bank$44,461.33Gray, Plant, Mooty
3/15/2018Prenatt, Francis W. & Elaine R.6 months18536 93rd St SEBecker05-440-0105Wells Fargo Bank, NA$60,700.00The Academy Law Group
3/15/2018Reiman, Dustin T. & Sheena A.6 months26529 East Timberhill RoadZimmerman95-417-0332U.S. Bank, NA$185,640.00Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
2/22/2018Grover, Richard G. & Theresa B.Redeemed by Owner 4-13-1818554 Troy St NWElk River75-131-2410Federal National Mortgage Association$75,677.49The Academy Law Group
2/15/2018Tihlarik, Joshua D.6 months10461 172nd Ln NWElk River75-719-1004U.S. Bank, NA$131,040.00Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
2/6/2018Johnson, Adam J. & Angie J.6 months760 Ormsbee StBig Lake65-409-0090U.S. Bank, NA$171,250.41Shapiro & Zielke
1/18/2018Miller, Mark & KellyRedeemed by Owner on 7/27/1821041 County Road 81 NWBig Lake10-314-1402Creative Carlson Group Corp$144,197.82Shapiro & Zielke
1/17/2018Northwood Investment Group, Craig Dollansky & Joshua Swisher6 months from date of Order Confirming Sheriff's Sale of 02/09/2018Outlot E, Nordwall Estates Second Addition, Sherburne CountyBaldwin Township01-552-0050Woodlands National Bank$105,000.00GDO Law
1/16/2018Pease, LLC6 months11110 313th Ave NWPrinceton01-011-2000Kenwood Finance, LLC$365,012.17Chestnut Cambronne, PA
1/16/2018Pease, LLC6 monthsXXXXX 313th Ave NWPrinceton01-011-2201Kenwood Finance, LLC$365,012.17Chestnut Cambronne, PA
1/11/2018Roush, RichardRedeemed by Owner 4/25/1826387 9th St WZimmerman95-424-0136Wells Fargo Bank, NA$128,306.39The Academy Law Group
1/10/2018Gursky, Kristina A.6 months611 Irving Ave NWElk River75-412-0245Nationstar Mortgage$95,760.00Shapiro & Zielke
1/4/2018Young, Thomas M. & Leha D.Redeemed by Owner 5/1/1822312 Watson Cir NWElk River75-672-0350U.S. Bank, NA$321,109.67Usset, Weingarden & Liebo
1/3/2018Thwing, Catherine C. and William J.6 months19454 Lander St NWElk River75-517-0316Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as Trustee for Holders of the GSAA Home Equity Trust 2006-11 Asset-Backed Certificates Series 2006-11$217,416.67Shapiro & Zielke
1/2/2018Martinson, Sharon L.6 months17545 62nd St SEBecker45-035-3220Wells Fargo Bank, NA$107,055.28Shapiro & Zielke