Planning & Zoning - Zoning Ordinance - Zoning Map

The Sherburne County Zoning Ordinance requires permits:

  • For buildings, structures and the uses thereof
  • For land uses and for water supply and sewage disposal facilities
  • For establishing minimum lot sizes, setbacks and side yards
  • In providing for parking and other requirements
  • For imposing penalties

Each section of the ordinance is available as a separate document. PDF

Amendments to Zoning Map Section 12.1: Res PUD Overlay District
Amendments to Zoning Ordinance Section 13: Floodplain District
Cover Section 14: Shoreland
Official Zoning Map Section 14.1: Shoreland Residential District
Table of Contents Section 15: Wild & Scenic
Section 1: Purpose & Intent Section 16: Conditional Uses
Section 2: Title Section 16.1: Slaughterhouse Activities
Section 3: Validity Section 16.2: Interim Use Permits
Section 4: Jurisdiction, Scope & Interpretation Section 16.5: Communication Towers
Section 5: Definitions Section 16.6: Private Motor Sport Vehicle Tracks
Section 6: Classification of Districts Section 16.7: Pawnbroker
Section 7: Agricultural District Section 17: General Development Regulations
Section 8: General Rural Section 17.1: Stormwater Management and Erosion Control
Section 9: Urban Expansion Section 17.5: Subsurface Sewage Treatment System Program
Section 10: Commercial Section 18: Administration & Enforcement
Section 11: Industrial Section 19: Date of Effect
Section 12: Heavy Industrial

Note: County Ordinances obtained via the internet are not "official" copies of ordinances, and are provided for information only.

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