Floodplain Information

FEMA Floodplain Maps

Property maps can be viewed on the Beacon website by using the following steps (please note that steps two and three may not appear if the site has been previously accessed):

  1. Navigate to the Beacon website.
  2. Select Enter This Site
  3. Make sure that Sherburne County is selected from the drop-down list. In order to proceed, agreement to the Beacon's terms and conditions must be indicated by checking the box.
  4. Select Property search and then select Enter to continue to Beacon's property search page.
  5. From the property search page, you may locate a property by entering either a property address or Parcel Identification Number (PID).
  6. Once the property has been located select the Map tab from the top left-hand corner to view a map of the property.
  7. From the menu on the left:
    • select Preliminary FEMA Flood Zones to show what part of the property is considered floodplain.
    • select 2010 Aerial Photos to see where structures are located on the property. Select the down arrows next to Legend at the very bottom of the menu at the left to show the different type of flood designations.

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Flood Plain Designation FAQs

How was it determined that my property is located in the floodplain?

Using sophisticated engineering and meteorological techniques, it is possible to estimate to an acceptable degree of accuracy the magnitude of such a flood along those rivers where long-term flood records have been kept. Various government agencies conduct these studies, and as they become available, local communities are required by state law to adopt this technical data in their floodplain zoning ordinances.

Does my homeowner’s policy cover flooding?

NO. In most cases, flood damage is NOT covered by homeowners' policies.

What is Flood insurance?

Flood Insurance is an important consideration when buying floodplain property. A person should be aware of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which provides flood insurance coverage for structures and their contents, in communities participating in the NFIP. Under this program, federally insured or regulated institutions must require flood insurance policies on all new loans for structures in mapped 100 year floodplain areas recognized by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

If a person is considering the purchase or development of floodplain property, their insurance agent can provide information on the cost and availability of flood insurance. It should be noted that flood insurance is available for structures only in communities participating in NFIP. The structure does not have to be located in the mapped floodplain in order to obtain insurance.

How Much Does Flood Insurance Cost?

Flood insurance premiums are rated on various factors including: location of the building within the floodplain; the building's lowest floor elevation (including basement) relative to the 100 year or Base Flood Elevation (BFE) and policy value. According to the MN Dept of Natural Resources website, in Minnesota, the average annual premium is $691 (as of February 2009).  The premium is more expensive for structures located in the 100-year floodplain that pre-date a community's floodplain ordinance and are not properly elevated or protected against flood damage.

Insurance Costs – What is the grandfather rule?

Your property may be in the floodplain but mandatory flood insurance requirements only apply if your structure(s) are in the floodplain. 

If your structure(s) is currently not on the existing Flood Insurance Rate Maps as being in the floodplain, but the new maps show your structure in the floodplain, you may be able to purchase flood insurance now and be grandfathered in at the lower rate permanently. (This may amount to a significant cost savings.) Please refer to the DNR website for specific information.

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