Family & Child Services

Sherburne County embraces Federal and State initiatives to provide permanence for children. This means designing and delivering services which will strengthen and assist families in solving their problems within the least restrictive environment possible, preferably within their home and community. When this is not possible and, as a last resort, out of home placement may be necessary; it is a goal that the child to be in as permanent a living arrangement as possible.

Social Workers assist families in identifying their problems, and locating resources as close to home as possible. The Department may purchase, or directly provide, services when need is determined. A fee based on income may be set.

For a more complete listing of services or more information, contact the our office at 763-765-4000 or 1-800-433-5239.

Social Services Contact:

Sherburne County Govt Center
ATTN: Social Services
13880 Business Center Dr NW
Elk River, MN 55330-1692

Office Location & Hours

Phone: 763-765-4000
Fax: 763-765-4096