Water Patrol/Recreational Vehicle/Commercial Vehicle Inspection

The Recreational Enforcement Division is responsible for the promotion of safety and the enforcement of laws, rules, and local ordinances related to recreational activities within the County. This includes the use of Off Highway Vehicles, Watercraft, Snowmobiles, and other specialized vehicles and equipment to carry out division duties.

Other duties carried out by the Recreational Enforcement Division include:

  • Investigation of recreational vehicle accidents.
  • Placement of navigational aids (buoys) in County waters
  • Issuance of permits for temporary water structures and special events
  • Participation in MN DNR Firearms Safety, Snowmobile Safety, and ATV Safety classes.
  • Rental watercraft inspections.
  • Search, rescue, and recovery operations.
Deputies use a variety of watercraft to patrol the county's lakes and rivers. Deputies use a variety of watercraft to patrol the county's lakes and rivers.
Overweight Trailer

This division is also responsible for Commercial Vehicle Inspections (CVI) within the county, typically working in partnership with the State Patrol. As part of the CVI Division, deputies are involved in enforcing laws regarding Spring weight restriction compliance, performing commercial vehicle inspections to assure compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rules and regulations, investigating commercial vehicle crashes, and performing accident mapping and reconstruction of serious and fatal incidents. When called by the Criminal Investigative Division, the division provides forensic crime scene mapping services as well.

The Water Patrol/Recreational Vehicle/Commercial Vehicle Inspection Division continues to be busy through out the seasons enforcing the laws within our county and upholding safety requirements to the highest degree in the hopes of keeping our residents and our visitors safe from harm. Photograph of Overweight Trailer; possibly put the road sign as an inset to show that was what the issue was? Photograph Caption In 2009, 143 commercial vehicle inspections were completed, resulting in 62 citations being issued for equipment and driver violations, 31 commercial vehicles placed out of service for equipment deficiencies, and 9 drivers placed out of service for logbook/hours violations. Photo of Deputy in Boat Photograph Caption Whether on water or on ice, the division is responsible for law enforcement, safety instruction, and promotion of safe riding habits on the county's lakes, rivers, and snowmobile/ATV trails.

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