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The Criminal Investigations Division, or CID, is responsible for conducting all criminal investigations in the jurisdictions of which the Sherburne County Sheriff's Office is the primary law enforcement service provider. CID offers a wide array of investigative services to Sherburne County. Contained within CID are a number of different units: General Investigations, School Liaison Officers, Forensics, Crime Analysis, Financial Crimes and Welfare Fraud, Health and Human Service Investigations, as well as the Gang and Drug Task Force.

Investigators involved with general investigations follow up on reports generated by patrol deputies including the interviewing of witnesses and suspects on various calls for service. Investigators are also involved in crime scene processing which can entail taking photographs of or collecting evidence at a scene such as fingerprints, DNA, or other trace evidence.

School liaison officers are assigned in the cities of Becker, Big Lake and Zimmerman. Their job is to enforce the laws in those environments, assist the school whenever possible, and to gather information regarding illegal activity occurring in those cities. The school liaison officers are also responsible for teaching KIDS Choice to all of the 5th grade students in Big Lake, Becker and Clearview elementary schools, along with a refresher course to the 6th graders in those same schools.

KIDS Choice is a 12 week curriculum designed for 5th grade students to learn about bullying prevention, internet safety, and drug awareness and prevention. KIDS stands for Kindness, Intelligence, Decency, and Safety. These four words serve as an undercurrent for the curriculum itself with a focus on the positive choices available for the students that they can take now and in the future.

CID currently has an investigator assigned to the area of financial crimes and welfare fraud investigations along with another full time investigator working with the Sherburne County Health and Human Services Department to investigate reports of child maltreatment and vulnerable adult complaints.

The Gang and Drug Task Force was formed in 2005. Before that, the county was a member of the Central Minnesota Drug Task Force. Where that group combined efforts to battle drug related crimes over a wide geographic area, the Sherburne County Drug Task Force now directs its efforts on drug-related issues in a more focused manner. The task force consists of six full time staff members specifically trained in the enforcement of the laws pertaining to narcotics. Within the Drug Task Force, one investigator is assigned to the Violent Offender Task Force (VOTF) and another is assigned to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

The Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office has joined in a partnership with Wright County and Anoka County in building the regional crime lab for some of our forensic needs. The Crime Lab will provide services to CID and the rest of the Sheriff’s Office by conducting drug analysis, fingerprint analysis, and DNA analysis.

CID has also entered into a partnership with the Elk River, Big Lake, and Becker Police Departments in forming a county wide crime scene processing team. This 12 member team will respond to serious felony and misdemeanor crime scenes in order to process that area with efficiency and accuracy so that all of the physical evidence that is at the scene is collected, categorized and used for a successful prosecution. The members of this team have been attending a number of training seminars in preparation for their role.

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