Services - Court Security and Transport

The Court Security/Transport Division is a diverse unit that has the combined responsibility of court security as well as transporting inmates to and from the Sherburne County Jail.

Court Security Unit
Sherburne County Courtroom
Sherburne County Courtroom

This unit provides law enforcement support to Sherburne County's Tenth Judicial District. This support includes protecting the judicial and courtroom staff, ensuring compliance with judicial orders, enforcing rules of decorum during courtroom proceedings, operating a security checkpoint, civil process, responding to calls for service and enforcing laws in and around the Sherburne County Government Center. This unit also maintains temporary custody of those appearing in court while under arrest.

Transport Unit

Sherburne County Transport Squads
Sherburne County Transport Squads
The transport unit has the responsibility of providing around the clock in-custody transports for local, state and federal inmates. Transports are conducted for a variety of purposes including bringing inmates to our facility for pre-trial detention, transporting inmates to a correctional facility post-conviction, taking inmates to medical facilities for treatment, transporting persons arrested in other jurisdictions on Sherburne County warrants, and bringing detained juveniles and patients for criminal and civil commitment hearings respectively. The transport unit is also responsible for extradition of prisoners throughout the United States.

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