Real Estate - Abstract Title

Abstract title property is the most common form of title found in the United States. An abstract of title is a condensed history of all deeds, mortgages and other documents relating to a particular piece of land, which affect the title. Recorded homestead documents are listed at the beginning of many abstracts in Sherburne County. If parts of the original parcel of land have been sold, the deeds are included in the abstract.

When property is sold or mortgaged the lending institution or new owner wants to be sure the title is clear. If the title isn't clear the lending institution may not be able to foreclose, if need be. An attorney or title insurance firm is hired to review the abstract. This is done by following the various lines of ownership from person to person and deed to deed over the years, matching mortgages with releases, etc.

Abstract Recording Fees:

  • $46.00 for recording
  • $46.00 for multiple Satisfactions/Assignments/Partial Releases with 4 document citations or less, and $10.00 additional for each document cited over first 4
  • $50.00 for well certificate
  • $56.00 for Plat
  • $10.00 for certified copies - flat fee
  • $2.00 for a non-certified copy of any document submitted for recording, if the original document is accompanied by a copy or duplicate.
  • $30.00 Return Check Charge

See County Recorder Fees - Minnesota Statutes Section 357.18

Sherburne County does not collect a conservation fee.

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