Wheelage Tax

What can the money be used for?

Transportation needs including road improvements and bridge projects.

Are other counties implementing a wheelage tax?

Yes. Washington, Anoka, Carver, Dakota and Scott Counties, have implemented the wheelage tax for several years. The change in statute allows all counties to implement.

If I live in Sherburne County, but park my car at work during the day in a different county, do I still have to pay the wheelage tax?

Yes. Each vehicle that is kept in Sherburne county, while not in use is subject to the tax. Only if you own a vehicle that is kept year-round outside of a county that has implemented the wheelage tax (i.e. at a cabin or with a son or daughter at college) will that vehicle not be required to pay the wheelage tax.

Why is a wheelage tax needed in Sherburne County?

The funding for highway systems is failing to keep pace with growing population and growing demands. The wheelage tax is a user fee that shall be used to directly help improve the quality of the county road system without adding to the local property tax levies. Wheelage tax proceeds are deposited into the county road & bridge fund, which moneys shall be used for purposes authorized by law for highway improvements.

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