Per M.S. Chapter 381 & 389, The Survey Division (a.ka. County Surveyor Office) is primarily responsible for the restoration and perpetuation of the corner monuments of the Public Land Survey System (i.e. Section Corners), and determining modern measurements between them. The "resurvey" data is used to prepare survey grade section dimension sheets with Sherburne County Coordinates, and a framework for preparing countywide parcel maps.

Other Functions:

  • Checks and approves all subdivision plats, registered land surveys, and condominium plats for compliance with applicable Minnesota Statutes, County Ordinance No. 006, and the County Platting Manual.
  • Prepares County Highway Right-Of-Way plats and easements for acquisition; prepares Land Surveys for County Parks, miscellaneous County Lands, & County Ditches; and updates elevation bench mark inventory.
  • Prepares topographic surveys of County Highways for Engineering Design; and stakes new highway construction.
  • Provides professional consultation to other County Offices on legal description and land survey matters, and assists the public with general survey related questions.

For a brief description of additional information, see the Survey Information page.

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