GIS Data

Metadata explains how the GIS layer was derived, the spatial and attribute accuracy, how the data is maintained, how to obtain the data and what format the data is delivered in. Click on the metadata link to find out more about the data layer.

Data Layer Metadata
Commissioner Districts Commissioner District
County Ditches County Ditches
FEMA Flood Zones MNDNR Data Deli
Lakes MNDNR Data Deli
Parcels Parcels
Plats Plats
Road Centerlines Road Centerlines
Sand Dunes State Forest Sand Dunes State Forest
School Districts School Districts
Section Lines Section Lines
Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge
Soils LMIC
Streams MNDNR Data Deli
USGS Topography MNDNR Data Deli
Township Boundaries Township Boundaries
Wetlands Zoning
2000 Air Photos - 1 Foot  Resolution 2000 Air Photos
2002 Air Photos - 6 Inch or 2.5 foot Resolution 6 Inch / 2.5 Foot
2004 Air Photos - 6 Inch or 2ft Resolution 2004 Air Photos
2006 Air Photos - 6 Inch or 1.5ft Resolution 2006 Air Photos
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