Address Information

Sherburne County is currently responsible for assigning rural E911 addresses for Baldwin, Becker, Big Lake, Blue Hill, Clear Lake, Haven, Livonia, Palmer, Santiago and Orrock townships. The Cities within Sherburne County assign E911 addresses for residents within city limits. Sherburne County uses an E911 address system for emergency services and consistency, making navigation easier throughout the county.

How are addresses assigned?

Addresses are assigned based on a grid system throughout Sherburne County. The townships of Haven, Palmer, Santiago, Clear Lake and Becker have a grid system that is extended from the city of Saint Cloud and consequently have a post directional of SE. The townships of Big Lake, Orrock, Livonia, Baldwin and Blue Hill have a grid system that is extended from the Twin Cities and consequently have a post directional of NW. House numbers and street names are derived according to where each location falls on the grid system.

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How do I get an address?

If the address is for a new construction you need to apply for a building permit in the Zoning Department at the Sherburne County Government Center. Your information will be given to the addressing technician in Public Works, and an address will be assigned and ready when you come to pick up your building permit.

If you need an address for an existing building you should call the Public Works Department to receive an address. You will need to provide the Parcel ID Number of the property in question and the driveway location on the property.

All addresses are assigned according to where the driveway intersects the main road.

Note: If your property is located within the municipalities you must contact the municipality for an address.

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How do I get a fire number sign?

Fire Number signs are put up by each township. Call a representative of your township to order a sign for you residence.

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Reason for Address Changes

Your address will change only if you have received an address change notification from Sherburne County through the mail. Sherburne County has taken over the process of assigning addresses from all of the townships. The biggest advantage for using a city style address is that in the event of an emergency the person needing assistance can be found much easier. In order for the addressing system to work as best possible the addressing needs to remain consistent.

Problems Requiring an Address Change:

  • House Number Out of Sequence
  • House Number on the Wrong Side of an Intersection
  • The Location is Addressed off the Wrong Road
  • Duplicate Addresses
  • Odds and Evens

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Public Works Contact:

Sherburne County Govt Center
ATTN: Public Works
13880 Business Center Dr NW
Suite 100
Elk River, MN 55330-4668

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Phone: 763-765-3300
Fax: 763-765-3301
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