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SHIP - Strategies

  • Active Schools: The Active School strategy involves implementing policies and practices that create active schools by increasing opportunities for physical activity throughout the school day including: active transportation to and from school (Safe Routes to School), quality physical education, active classrooms, active recess, and active before/after school day options.
  • Healthy School Foods: All healthy eating initiatives focus on the following four goals: increasing access to fruits and vegetables, decreasing access to foods high in sodium, saturated fat, and added sugars. This does not include the school lunch program.
  • Healthy Eating in the Communities: Sherburne County will be focusing on Community Gardens during this round of SHIP funding. This is a new strategy for our agency and we are in the begin phase of planning.
  • Active Living for Communities: The objective of this strategy is to increase walking and bicycling in the community and school settings. A comprehensive approach through policy, system and environmental changes are known to lead to physical activity behavior changes when done together. Sherburne County is working jointly with Stearns and Wright Counties on a regional approach to this work.
  • Smoke-free housing: The goal of this strategy is to decrease Minnesotans’ exposure of secondhand smoke in their homes by increasing their access to smoke-free housing options such as apartments and rental properties.
  • Worksite Wellness: Healthy eating, physical activity, breastfeeding support, and tobacco-free policies are the focus areas of this strategy.
  • Child Care: The objective of this strategy is a comprehensive approach using policy, system and environmental changes to improve nutrition and physical activity practices in child care programs, ultimately leading to changes in young children’s eating and activity habits, preferences and behaviors.
  • Smoke-free Child Care: The ultimate goal is adoption of a comprehensive smoke-free child care policy for Sherburne County.
  • Smoke-free Foster Care: The ultimate goal is adoption of a comprehensive smoke-free foster care policy for Sherburne County.
  • Health Care: The SHIP approach to Clinical-Community Linkages is founded on true collaboration between health care clinics, local public health agencies and community-based organizations, and healthcare systems.
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