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Mary Jo Cobb
Health & Human Services Director

The mission of Sherburne County Health and Human Services (SCHHS) is to promote and protect the health, safety, well-being, and self-sufficiency of Sherburne County residents. It is the intent of the organization to provide human service programs to the residents of Sherburne County, designed to protect and enhance the lives of vulnerable populations (such as the developmentally disabled, children in need of protective services, vulnerable adults, mentally ill, and others).

Services are tailored toward assisting individuals with normalized living as well as facilitating the highest level of functioning for individuals and families. Prevention of victimization and abuse are integral to several of our services. As a public service agency, each public assistance program is designed to provide a minimal level of family subsistence, adequate nutrition through food support, and medical care for all eligible citizens. Sherburne County human services are designed to assist individuals from public assistance to competitive employment encouraging self-sufficiency. Programs are also designed to promote and protects the health of residents through education, prevention services, regulation and advocacy.

Sherburne County Health and Human Services formed in 2011, when the social services and public health departments merged in an effort to provide greater cohesion of services, while maintaining greater fiscal responsibility of public dollars. SCHHS is an individual department, under the autonomy of the government of Sherburne County, reporting directly to the Sherburne County Board of Commissioners. Within SCHHS, there is one Director, twelve supervisors, eleven units, and approximately one hundred and sixty-five staff.

The 2003 Minnesota Legislature enacted the Children and Community Services Act (CCSA) which consolidated 15 separate children and community services grants, including SSBG, into a single consolidated fund. This gave county agencies more flexibility to ensure better outcomes for children, adolescents, and adults in need of services. The 2011 Minnesota Legislature revised CCSA, creating the Vulnerable Children and Adults Act (VCA), Minnesota Statutes, chapter 256M, establishing a fund to address the needs of vulnerable children (including adolescents) and adults.

Social Services Block Grant funds are administered under the Vulnerable Children and Adults Act service plans with county agencies. The service plans were submitted to the Minnesota Department of Human Services (department) in 2012, and remain on file. Plans must be updated, as needed, to reflect significant changes in county policy and procedures regarding requirements and use of funds. County social service agencies use local funding and other revenue sources to supplement the consolidated grant to meet client needs.

To fulfill public input requirements, DHS publishes this annual report. County agency staff must review and make available to the public the contents of this report and solicit public comments on the use of SSBG funds. As part of this requirement, Sherburne County seeks feedback in order to integrate public input as part of its ongoing quality assurance processes.

If you have any comments to the Sherburne County VCA plan or 2015 addendum, please contact Amanda Larson.

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