Health Care Assistance

MNsure is Minnesota's new health care exchange! Minnesotans can find, compare, choose, and get quality health care coverage that best fits their needs and budget.

MNsure is for you, whether you currently buy health insurance on your own, or you are uninsured. MNsure is the one place to find out if you qualify for a low-cost or free plan.

Some lower-income Minnesotans will be eligible to receive Medical Assistance (MA). MA is a federal program that assists children under the age of 21, parents or relative caretakers of dependent children, pregnant women, people who are 65 or older, and people who have a disability.

While MA is the largest medical assistance programs, there are other health care programs available designed to help specific groups of people. These persons can include the elderly, at-home care services, or individuals with disabilities. To find out more, please visit the Department of Human Services Health Care Programs site.

To apply for health care coverage, including MA, you must go to If you need assistance applying online, please contact the MNsure Contact Center at 1-855-366-7873 (1-855-3MNSURE).

Paper applications are available at the Health and Human Services office.

Health & Human Services Contact:

Sherburne County Govt Center
ATTN: Health & Human Services
13880 Business Center Dr NW
Suite 100
Elk River, MN 55330-4668

Office Location & Hours

Phone: 763-765-4000
Fax: 763-765-4096
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