Sherburne County Use Fee Schedule

Sherburne County Fee Schedule

Sheriff effective as of January 1st, 2018
Adult Work Crew/Community Work Service
8 hours to 40 hours (1 to 5 days)
41 hours to 80 hours (6 to 10 days)
81 hours to 120 hours (11 to 15 days)
121+ hours (16+ days)
Audio & Video Recordings   $20.00/recording
911 Recordings
Carry Permit For Handgun
Application Fee - Individual
Active & retired* service member or law enforcement
*Must provide copy of DD Form 214
Renewal Fee (after 30 days expiration)
Renewal Fee (within 30 days of expiration)
Replacement Card (ex: lost card, name change, address change, etc)
Certificate of Sale of Real Estate   $20.00/certificate
Court Ordered Surrendering and Transfer of Firearms
Relating to Minn. Stat. §§260C.201, subd. 3; 518B.01, subd. 6; 609.2242, subd.3; 609.749, subd. 8; 624.713, subd. 1; 624.713, subd.1
If the firearm(s) is stored in the custody of the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office longer than 3 days, a storage and processing fee of $1 per day per firearm will commence on the 4th day, retroactive to the initial day the firearm(s) was received.
Credit Card Disclaimer:
The Sheriff’s Office will accept credit card payment for most fees over $5.00. Exceptions include, but are not limited to, the following: civil process originating outside the state of Minnesota, lien sales, vehicle seizures, writ of execution, and writ of recovery. The Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to deny payment with a credit card for any of the other fees listed.
Dangerous Dog Ordinance
Annual Fee
Call Outs
   $30.00/call out
Hearing Fee
Warning Sign
Digital Services
Requests for data retrieval, contraband removal and other digital services (computer forensics)
Data Retrieval
Other Work
Typical Drive Sterilization
Employee Time
calculated to the nearest ½ hr
Execution Commission5% of total amount collected
Filing Intent to Redeem   $100.00 per notice    $20.00/add'l document
Fingerprints   $15.00/set
Huber Fee   $20.00/day
Impounded Vehicle Storage   $10.00/day
$300 maximum
Investigator’s Time (calculated to nearest 1 hr)   $50.00/hr per investigator
Legal “Not Founds”$40
Mileage (computed on a round trip basis)    $0.55/mile
Pawn Shop Applicant Background Investigation   $25.00/hr
Pawn Shop Fee (electronic billable fee)   $1.50/transaction
Pay for Stay (Jail)   $35.00/day
Photo Reprints   $3.00/reprint
Redemption Of Real Property (Mortgager or Creditor)
Redemption Certificate
Redemption Request - non-refundable advance required
Accident Reports (Traffic)
no charge
All Other Reports
Return Of Process When No Service Is Made$40
Sale Notice (to post 3 copies)   $40.00/notice
Service of Process   $40.00/individual served
Sheriff’s Sale and Lien Sales$60
Writ of Execution (Levy, copies and inventory)
Tower Lease
Adjusted Increase of 3% on Each Commencement Anniversary Date
Single PCS, cellular, panel antenna or whip antenna and a single coaxial cable or CAT5 line.
--Rate per antenna, per foot of evaluation above ground on tower, per coaxial cable or CAT5 line
Diversity or multiple PCS or cellular panel antennas or multiple whip antennas i.e. dual, triple or quad feed multi antennas contained in a single radome or stacked on a single mast including the first coaxial cable or CAT5 line.
--Rate per multi-antenna, per foot of evaluation above ground on tower, per first coaxial cable or CAT5 line
Each additional coaxial cable connection
Each additional CAT5 line connection
Microwave dish antennas up to 3 foot in diameter maximum and a singular coaxial line or CAT5 line.
--Rate per dish, per foot of evaluation above ground on tower, per coaxial cable or CAT5 line
   $17.00/year --additional $4.00/ft for dishes over 3ft
Platform/slab mounted equipment; electric not included
--Rate/square foot, occupied ground space
Small pole mounted electronics ; no electric
Traffic Safety Course   $65.00/class
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