Human Resources - Hiring Process

Applicant Screening

Each job posting contains information on the minimum job qualifications, duties and responsibilities of the position, and the application and scoring process for that recruitment. Top candidates who meet the minimum requirements and rank as eligible according to the scoring process are referred to the hiring manager for consideration.

Scoring of applications for candidates who meet the minimum requirements will be based on the education, experience and training you present on your application and supplemental questions. Failure to list all your background information may adversely affect your final score. Misrepresentation or falsification of information or material omissions may result in rejection of your current and future applications or dismissal from employment if you have been hired.

Applicant Interviews

Being on the eligible list provided to the hiring manager does not guarantee an interview. Whether an applicant is considered depends on many things which may include: the number of positions available, education history, training and experience history, work preferences (hours, full or part time, shifts, etc.), and other job-relevant factors.

Veterans Preference

Sherburne County awards preference points to qualified veterans and spouses of deceased or disabled veterans. These points are added to passing exam scores in accordance with Minnesota Statutes 43A.11. Applicants must supply a copy of their DD214 showing years of service and type of discharge. Disabled veterans must also supply form FL21-802 or an equivalent letter from a service retirement board. Spouses applying for preference points must supply their marriage certificate, the veteranís DD214 and FL21-802 or death certificate.

In order to receive the preference points this documentation must be received by the close date of the posting. It may be faxed to 763-765-3002 or mailed to Sherburne County Human Resources, at the address to the left. Be sure to include a note with your contact information and the title of the position applied for. Veteranís preference points will be awarded if: 1) the applicant has completed the veteranís preference section of the employment application; 2) receives a passing score; 3) the supporting documentation is provided; and 4) the claim for preference is approved.

Special Accommodation Requests

Should you have a disability that would prevent you from testing or interviewing for a position under standard conditions, please notify the Human Resources Department at the time testing or an interview is scheduled so that every reasonable effort can be made to accommodate you. If you are requesting accommodation to complete the initial application materials, please contact us before the posted closing date at 763-765-3001 or by email.

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